Grosseto is the central city of the province of the same name in the south of the Toscana region, bordering the Lazio region and including the rolling hills of Metallifere, pine-framed bays and the famous beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea in Europe (Mar tirreno) .

Here are several specially protected by the state natural territories:

  • Maremma National Park, located north of the Talamone resort;
  • Biancane
  • Lagoon Orbetello (Orbetello), etc.

The province is popular among vacationers for its famous resort centers:

  • Punta Di Talamone Town, which attracts tourists with the picturesque ruins of an ancient fortress, a variety of flora and fauna;
  • Sea resort town of Castiglione della Pescaia (Castiglione della Pescaia), combining the quarters of the old city with powerful fortified walls on a cliff and busy port districts;
  • Pitigliano (Pitigliano), a mountain town surrounded by mountain gorges with rivers running into them and preserving the temple buildings, representing the style features of the baroque of the XIV-XVI centuries, etc.

Grosseto will bring a lot of pleasure to lovers of gourmet tours and local natural wines. Fans of diving, scuba diving, sea travel, cycling and horseback riding come here.

The province is rich in monuments of history and culture, telling about the times of antiquity and the Middle Ages:

  • Acropolis of Etruscan tribes;
  • Excavations in the places of ancient Roman settlements;
  • Preserving the ancient customs of the village, etc.

The city of Grosseto is the indisputable historical and cultural center of the province.


The architectural appearance of Grosseto reflected the history of Italy with its most striking pages. The prehistoric culture of highly developed nationalities, such as the Etruscans, is represented in the local Archaeological Museum. Majestic fortress walls tell about the Medici era. The features of the Renaissance culture can be studied in the cathedrals and palaces of the city.

Fortress walls

In the central part of Grosseto, fortified walls have been preserved, which were erected in 1574 by Francesco I (Francesco I) in the form of a hexagon. The fortifications were rebuilt in 1593 under Ferdinand I (Ferdinando I) on the model of the famous fortress in Lucca (Lucca).

Cathedral of San Lorenzo

On the main square of Piazza Dante, named after the great Italian poet Dante Alighieri, is the ancient Cathedral of San Lorenzo (La Cattedrale Di San Lorenzo), built in 1294-1302. The cathedral is of great cultural and historical value, since it was erected on the site of an older building and changed its appearance several times during its life (in 1611 the bell tower was rebuilt again, in 1840-1845 the appearance of the facade changed and restoration work was carried out in the inner space) .

Therefore, the cathedral is an interesting combined portrait of several architectural eras.

The cathedral houses the priceless work "Assumption" by the master of the second half of the 15th century, Matteo of Siena.

Museum of Archeology and Art

The Piazza Baccarini is home to the Museum of Archeology and Art. Here is a rich exposition of works of Etruscan and ancient Roman art.

Church of san francesco

The small church of San Francesco (Chiesa Di San Francesco), located on Independence Square (piazza Indipendenza), founded in the 13th century, was built by the Order of the Monks of St. Benedict (San Benedetto), later its owners were the monks of the Order of St. Francis (San Francesco). The church is known for surviving fragments of frescoes of the XIV century.


Among local dishes, a variety of soups are popular:

  • Soup with mushrooms (zuppa di funghi);
  • Chowder with fried onions, tomatoes and celery (zuppa con crostini di cipolle, pomodori e sedano);
  • Seafood, tomato and bread soups (zuppe di pesce, pomodoro e pane);
  • Fish first courses (zuppa di pesce), etc.

Of the hot dishes, it is worth trying pasta fettuccine, dishes of boar, deer, pheasant or rabbit meat with vegetables and herbs. Fresh bread with cheese and smoked sausage, fried chestnuts, different varieties of ice cream, sweet pastries will delight travelers.

Wine lovers will enjoy tasting the traditional local Vino Colli di Maremma, il Bianco di Pitigliano and others.


Grosseto has about 40 accommodation options for different levels of comfort and price range. From the proposed options you can choose a comfortable stay in the historical part of the city or outside the city.

3 stars

Three-star hotels are a great option for a budget holiday in the city, from where you can reach the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea by car in 20-30 minutes.

Hotel I Cresp

I Crespi is located on the outskirts of Grosseto and invites guests to relax in rooms with a modern design and balconies to relax. The hotel accepts couples without children, guests with disabilities, guests with pets. For all vacationers - free Wi-Fi, parking at the hotel.

Hotel il parco

Il Parco was built in a suburban area, at a distance of 2 kilometers from Grosseto. The hotel has its own garden, outdoor terraces for relaxation, guests can use bicycles for free. There is free private parking, a buffet restaurant and local specialties.

The rooms are decorated in a modern style, equipped with split systems, TVs. Here couples with small children, guests with animals are welcome.

Maremma Park is 10 kilometers from the hotel, and beaches are 13 kilometers away.

4 stars

Four-star hotels are concentrated in the historical part of the city, from where it is easy to reach the beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea in 20-30 minutes by car.

Grand hotel bastiani

Grand Hotel Bastiani is located in the "old city" in a building dating back to the early 20th century, near the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. Non-smoking rooms attract guests with a classic design with marble bathrooms and spacious living rooms. All rooms are equipped with split systems, TV, household appliances. Guests can use free internet access, bicycles, safes.
The beaches and Maremma National Park are 12 kilometers away.

Hotel airone

Airone is located in the old part of Grosseto. It offers spacious rooms with modern design, air conditioning, household appliances, cosmetics. There is the possibility of resettlement in rooms with balconies or sports equipment. The hotel has a SPA center, sports center, pool.

Guests can relax in the hotel's garden, in the rooftop bar with a magnificent view, use free Internet access, hotel parking, a private beach 14 kilometers from the hotel.

The hotel welcomes guests with pets. For couples with young children, babysitting services are offered.

Apartments and B&B

The bed and breakfast is set in beautiful countryside with views of the fields and gardens. Vacationers are waiting for clean air, hospitality of the owners.

Warm Up Grosseto B&B

WarmUp Grosseto is conveniently located in the city center, 10 kilometers from the beach area. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, guests can use free Internet access, get free parking spaces.

B&B Amore di Maremma

Amore di Maremma is a small 5-room hotel providing comfortable accommodation in a beautiful area, 10 minutes from the center of Grosseto. The rooms are large-sized rooms, comfortable bathrooms with cosmetics, air conditioning, each room has a spacious terrace and a patio for relaxation.

Guests can enjoy a traditional breakfast with freshly baked pastries and hot drinks. The hotel has free internet access, its own free parking. Children under 2 years old are accommodated for free. Guests can also come with pets. Maremma Park is 17 kilometers away.

How to get there

Grosseto is easily accessible by rail or bus.

From Rome, Grosseto can be reached in 1 hour 25 minutes, trains leave from Termini Station and run along the sea line. The cost of a ticket of the 2nd class is 13.25 euros, the 1st class is 20 euros.

Trains depart from Florence to Grosseto several times a day; the cost of a ticket to a 2nd-class carriage is 18.30 euros.

Going to Grosseto from other settlements, you will have to change trains in Pisa or Livorno.

Detailed information on train timetables, routes and ticket prices can be found on trenitalia.com.

Watch the video: Grosseto (February 2020).


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