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Hotels in Terracina - we choose the best for relaxing on the sea

Friends asked to pick a hotel for a week-long holiday on the Tyrrhenian Sea in the city of Terracina.

Since the vacation is planned in September, and we were puzzled by the search for the hotel only in mid-May and many good options were already booked, I shifted the possible reservation dates to neighboring free ones.

Important:in August, prices may increase by 2-3 times due to holidays in Italy. Locals book their favorite hotels in August for almost a year. Based on my experience, the ideal months for a seaside vacation in Italy are from mid-June to late July and from early September to mid-October.

So, the tasks:

  1. Find the best hotel in Terracina by reviews and location;
  2. To meet the budget of 1000 euros per week for two, 7 days and 6 nights;
In fact, if you immediately cut off all the options with ratings according to the reviews of tourists below 8 points out of 10, and also add filters on the first line and the beach, then the choice will be greatly simplified.
  • Here is a special filter link to find good options.

I share with you a selection of the best hotels in Terracina, which I compiled for my friends.

Hotel Laprodo 4 stars

In my ranking of 4-star Grand Hotel L'Approdo hotels, it is indisputably the number one in Terracina. Everything is perfect here - its own beach, near the pier where ferries leave for the Pontian Islands (Isole Ponziane) Ponza, Ventotene, free private parking. Daily hotel guests are provided with one room free of charge: 1 beach umbrella, 1 deck chair and 1 lounger. From the window of the room a beautiful view of the sea.

Near the hotel there are traditional pizzerias and inexpensive restaurants with fresh, inexpensive seafood dishes. During the day you can stroll around the square with pins.

Of the minuses: you can book a Laprodo hotel for at least 7 nights. The rooms are all standard, the cost of 1128 euros for 7 nights is slightly higher than the budget, but we will stay a day longer.

But the VAT tax of 10% and the city tax of 2 euros per person per night are already included in the price - everything is fair. If finances allow, then book the hotel Laprodo and do not even read the article further.

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Hotel Poseidon 3 stars

Hotel Poseidon has 3 stars - this is one of the most famous hotels in Terracina, as it is built in the shape of a ship. The terrace overlooks the outdoor pool, just 50 meters from the sea. An important bonus for families - in the garden there is a special children's pool. The cost of a double room with breakfast, with early booking, for 6 nights will be 738 euros instead of 918.

Immediately behind the hotel is a large Conad supermarket, the rooms have a kitchenette, so you can cook on your own and save on meals in restaurants.

The minus of the hotel is about 2 km to the historical center of Terracina, 30 minutes on foot. But the hotel can rent a bicycle or car to explore the area.

Torre Del Sole 4 stars

The 4-star Torre Del Sole Hotel has a private, private beach and is located away from the historic center and pier.

A free shuttle service is provided to Terracina Pier several times a day. If you are looking for a quiet and secluded holiday at the sea a little bit away from the resort, be sure to consider this option. A week of accommodation with breakfast will cost 750 euros, an option with dinners - 1050 euros.

There are also special family rooms for 2 adults and 1 child. For lunch and dinner, the on-site restaurant serves Mediterranean specialties. During the summer months, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on the outdoor veranda.

Villa Del Sole 3 stars

Hotel 3 stars Villa del Sole is located directly on the Tyrrhenian Sea - this is the most budget option in our review. Accommodation for 6 nights with breakfast will cost only 558 euros. The hotel has only 11 rooms, so you need to book it at least 4 months in advance, or better for six months.

In terms of price / quality ratio - this option is out of competition.


For families with children, Calliope Apartments can be rented. The apartment has a good location - just 20 minutes walk from the main pier, to the beach go a maximum of 5 minutes.

Nearby is a fish market and grocery stores. The apartment has everything you need for independent travelers: stove with oven, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, dishes. Accommodation for 4 people will cost 978 euros for 6 nights.


For convenience, I put all the attractions, shops, a pier and hotels (in red) with good reviews on the map below:

I will be happy to answer your questions, share reviews about hotels and holidays in Terracina in the comments.

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