The best beaches of Sicily

Although the best beaches of Sicily (Sicilia) are located in the south and southeast of the island, beach holidays of varying degrees of comfort are possible on almost its entire coast. There are coastal areas where it is difficult to get to the water, there are many unequipped beaches, but in general there are plenty of opportunities to find the beach of your dreams.

Planning a vacation in Sicily is better at the beginning or end of the tourist season: the sea at this time is colder, but there are much fewer tourists than in July and August.

In Sicily there are both paid beaches - mainly in cities, and beaches for which you do not need to pay; here you have to give a small amount only for a sunbed or an umbrella from the sun, if not your own. There are many wild beaches that are not equipped even with the minimum amenities, but not as crowded as urban ones.

Getting acquainted with the Sicilian beaches is logical from the capital of the island of Palermo (Palermo). It is here that planes and trains from other cities in Italy arrive. In addition, the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the shore of which Palermo stands, are the first to start warming up in early summer, which means that the swimming season can be opened here earlier.

  • Tip: to travel to remote beaches, and just in Sicily is most comfortable with a rented car.
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Between Palermo and Messina

Moving along the northern coast of Sicily, called Tyrrhenian and bypassing Palermo, you can reach Messina, the easternmost point of the island, and the narrow Strait of Messina (Stretto di Messina), which separates Sicily from the mainland. On this way you will see some wonderful beaches.

San vito lo capo

The beach in the vicinity of San Vito lo Capo, located west of Palermo, is considered almost the best in Sicily. It is ideal: you expect to see it sooner on an exotic island, and not in the Old World. The road from Palermo takes about an hour.

The beach is good for everyone - both in size (its length is more than 3 km), and white soft sand, and the azure color of the water, and beautiful views of the bay in which it is located. Its only drawback is the incredible number of vacationers, even in those months when the sea is still or already cool.

  • Good city hotel: Allbergo Auralba.


Located west of Palermo, Mondello Beach attracts with clean white sand. He was brought here on purpose; a hundred years ago, the coast was very boggy. The sea is shallow and great for families with children. Nearby are many beautiful villas and a picturesque park. From the center of Palermo - 13 km.

One of the best hotels in the city is Splendid Hotel La Torre.

  • I advise you to read our guide to a vacation with a child at sea in Italy.

Campofelice di Rocella

The path to the east lies through the beaches of Campofelice di Roccella (Campofelice di Roccella). There is little sand, the beach is mostly pebble, and the bottom of the sea off the coast abruptly breaks off. There is nothing to do with children here - it’s dangerous. And there is only one equipped beach here, the rest are wild.

But if the absence of umbrellas and sunbeds does not bother you, feel free to stay. Nearby you can rent a guest house or an aparthotel, such as Costa Mediterranea or Case Vacanze Paradise Beach.

A little further, on the prominent cape in the sea, is the beach of Capo (Capo Playa), it was chosen by windsurfers.


Behind the cape begins a rather rugged coastline of the beaches of Cefalu. Palermo is 70 km from here. This beach is 15 km of clear sand and clear water. The depth is shallow, so the water warms up well. This is also a good option for families with babies: warm, soft feet, there is where to run plenty. Accommodation options with a private beach - hotels Blu Bay, Calanica Resort.

Young couples or lovers of a noisy society should go a little further - 12 km from Cefalалу, the town of Finale di Pollina is located. The beach here is not wide, but the sea views are luxurious. By the end of the season, the town itself becomes the center of unbridled fun, parties and continuous fireworks. Great stay: Marco Polo Casa Vacanze.

From Messina to the south

On the east coast of Sicily, washed by the Ionian Sea, there are many good beaches. The length of the beaches belonging to Messina is more than 200 km. On the way to another major city of the island, Catania, you will pass through Taormina, where wonderful, but not cheap resorts are located.

Aeolian Islands

A little west of Messina, a few kilometers from the coast of Sicily, are the Aeolian Islands (Isole Eolie), or the Aeolian Islands. Few people know this name, but about the volcano Stromboli, located on the island of the same name, many have probably heard. The archipelago is incredibly beautiful and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The most beautiful beaches are on the island of Lipari, for example, Canneto beach. There are many guest houses where you can stay for a few days. One of them is the Mistral residence.


LuThe best beaches around Taormina are Giardini Naxos and Letojanni.: perfectly straight coastline stretching for tens of kilometers, sea water the color of the sky, wide beaches, equipped with everything you need, and lively nightlife. The city beach is small and always crowded. You can get on it with the help of a funicular or an elevator, or you can go up the stairs, which is quite tiring.

Good hotels with private beaches: Atahotel Capotaormina, Park Hotel Silemi and others.

Lido Mazzaro

Another famous Taormina beach, Lido Mazzaro (Spiaggia Lido Mazzaro), until recently remained inaccessible to mere mortals. He was chosen by the stars of Hollywood, not very keen to be in the crowd of vacationers. Now anyone can come to a cozy bay. It is better to choose a time for the visit when the flow of tourists decreases - the number of tourists seeking to get to this beach is very large. You can stay comfortably at the Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea.


Of the beaches of Catania, La Playa is worth noting. This is a purely tourist destination, there are many hotels, spa complexes, all beaches are well equipped, but you will have to pay for using them. Do not expect crystal clear water - this is the center of the city. Tourists staying at Zeus Residence, NH Catania Parco degli Aragonesi and others can use the beaches for free.

If you are not burdened with small children and want to escape from the noise and crush, follow the example of local residents and make a choice in favor of Li Cuti beach. It will surprise you not only with its size and relative emptiness, but also with its view: the coast here is black and dotted with large pebbles and pieces of frozen volcanic lava. Be careful when entering the water - you can slip or hurt yourself.

Southeast sicily

After the bustling Catania, located south of Syracuse (Siracusa) surprise with relative silence and tranquility. Tourists, "beach people" have nothing to do here, there are practically no places suitable for swimming, the nearest beach is located 10 km from the city. Ironically, Syracuse is the only place on the island where you can swim even in May.

Fontane Bianche

The resort town of Fontane Bianche is famous for the amazing sand of its beach - it is snow-white in color, which is usually found on tropical islands. If you have not booked a room at the hotel (White Bay), you are unlikely to find a place by the water; the beach is very small and full of season during the season.


Of particular note is the Kalamoske Beach (Spiaggia Calamosche). It is located on the territory of the reserve, and it is quite difficult to get to it, especially if you are elderly or of limited mobility with your children or in your company. Car parking is located far from the beach, the road is a regular dirt road, under the scorching sun you have to go more than a kilometer. But here is crystal clear water and you can admire wild birds.

Lido di Noto

The beach of Lido di Noto (Lido di Noto) is one of the best in the vicinity of Noto, located between Syracuse and the southernmost point of Sicily. This is an ideal place to relax with children due to the fine sand, clear sea and few people. You do not need to pay for entry to the beach, you can rent an umbrella and a sunbed. There are few hotels here, but you can rent a small cozy house near the beach: Villa Agape, Appartamento Don Nino and others.

Mediterranean coast

After moving to the Mediterranean coast of Sicily, you find yourself in one of the best places on the island for a beach holiday.


Carratois Beach is a secluded and unknown place for tourists near the southern tip of the island. But in Italy it is very popular, especially among the upper classes of society. You can get here only by car, and even then you need to know where to go from the parking lot. They come to Carratois not only to enjoy the sea: the local white clay has healing properties.


In the vicinity of Ragusa, you can find beaches for every taste - with sand dunes, with shores covered with lush vegetation, with a convenient and gentle entrance to the sea or with steep cliffs closely approaching the water. The most popular beaches are located in the Marina di Ragusa area. The beach here is free, but well equipped, there are many restaurants, there is a parking for yachts, a bus runs to Ragusa. A great option for living in Ragusa - Hotel L'Onda.


Located almost exactly in the middle of the southwest coast of the island of Agrigento (Agrigento) successfully fights with Taormina for the title of the best resort city.

There are many wonderful beaches; the province is among the twenty most visited by tourists. The two most unusual local beaches are those located on either side of the Scala dei Turchi, a snow-white cliff that slopes down to the water with gentle steps like the stairs built by the giants. In Agrigento, you can stay at Villa Rossana.

Marsala and Trapani

In the western part of the island are the cities of Marsala and Trapani. The story of a holiday in Sicily will be incomplete without a description of the local beaches.


The city of Marsala is known primarily for its wine. Tasting it is the main goal of most tourists coming here. As for the beaches, they are also here, but are not suitable for swimming and sunbathing: strong winds are frequent in this part of the island. For this reason, the beaches of Marsala are very popular among windsurfers and kitesurfers. One of the best options for living is Villa Profumo Di Mare.

Aegadian islands

The beaches in Trapani are rocky and not the cleanest in Sicily. But right in front of the city are the Egadi Islands (Isole Egadi), which can be reached from Trapani, as well as from Marsala, by ferry. They run at intervals of 30-60 minutes, a one-way ticket will cost 15-20 euros. Schedule and tickets:

It is worth going to the Aegadian Islands for clear water, beautiful landscapes, tranquility and solitude. The best beaches, with grottoes, bays and amazing beauty of the sea - on the island of Favignana (Favignana). It is better to rent a small villa. Among the best hotels are Hotel Il Portico or I Pretti Resort. It’s better to book a few months before the trip - the rooms are in great demand!

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