Sales in Italy in the winter and summer of 2019

Sales or, as Italians say, “Sconti” is exactly the time when exclusive items from world-famous fashion houses can be purchased at reasonable prices.

As a rule, such events are held twice a year - in the winter and summer seasons.

Their schedules largely depend on the geographical location of the city: traditionally, the sales season began in the southern regions, and then the northern ones picked it up. The average size of discounts today is 15-20%.

Sales Act

In 2011, the Italian government passed a law according to which uniform deadlines for sales were established throughout the country. Until that moment, "Sconti" could start on completely different days - the dates depended on the location of the event, as well as on the status of the store (mass market, chain store, boutique, etc.).

With the adoption of the new law, an official sales calendar was established., violation of the schedule of which entails certain sanctions - fines. Also, boutiques and other stores can arrange discounts and promotions only with the permission of the authorities.

In total, the sales period lasts exactly 60 days, however, if discounted goods are bought up earlier, stores have the right to terminate the action, thereby returning to work in their usual mode. As for things that will never be able to sell, they are sent to a variety of stock points and outlets.

It is noteworthy that at the very beginning of the sales season, the size of discounts varies from 10-20%, but as the hype around this event subsides, the most popular models and sizes disappear, and the percentage of the action increases. So, at the end of the winter or summer season you can purchase things with a markdown of up to 50%.

When will winter sales start in 2019

The winter season of discounts in Italy begins on the first Saturday of January, in 2019 it is January 5 (in some stores a day earlier - 4), its official conclusion is the beginning of Great Christian Lent. Sales of this time are more preferable to summer ones, since the markdown of goods can reach 70%.

2019 winter sales season calendar:

  • L'Aquila - from 5.01 for sixty days;
  • Potenza - from 5.01 to 6.03;
  • Catanzaro (Catanzaro) - from 6.01 for sixty days;
  • Naples (Napoli) - from 4.01 to 4.03;
  • Bologna (Bologna) - from 4.01 to 04.03;
  • Trieste (Trieste) - from 5.01 to 31.03;
  • Rome (Roma) - from 4.01 to 19.02;
  • Genoa (Genova) - from 4.01 to 16.02;
  • Milan (Milano) - from 4.01 for sixty days;
  • Ancona (Ancona) - from 4.01 to 6.03;
  • Campobasso (Provincia di Campobasso) - from 5.01 to 5.03;
  • Piedmont (Piemonte) - from 5.01 to 28.02;
  • Bari (Bari) - from 6.01 to 2.03;
  • Cagliari (Cagliari) - from 5.01 to 6.03;
  • Palermo (Palermo) - from 5.01 to 17.03;
  • Florence (Firenze) - from 5.01 to 6.03;
  • Perugia (Perugia) - from 5.01 for sixty days;
  • Aosta (Aosta) - from 6.01 to 17.03;
  • Venice (Venezia) - from 5.01 to 2.03.

Dates are determined by local authorities.

Places more favorable for winter shopping are the same as for summer - Rome, Milan, Rimini, Florence.

When setting off for the winter sales season, you should understand the following:

  1. In boutiques and stores will be presented not only discounted items, but also those that can be purchased at full cost. However, the areas of discounted goods and goods from new collections have differentiation.
  2. On average, discounts remain between 20-30%, the collapse of prices is carried out only for those clothes that meet custom sizes.
  3. You can pay in the store both in cash and by card.
  4. Not all products participating in the promotion will be put up for sale on the first day. The assortment has a tendency to a small replenishment within 60 days of sale.

Winter discounts in Rimini

Particularly popular with Russian shopaholics are "Sconti" in Rimini. It is in this city that a huge number of stores are concentrated offering clothes from both the mass market and ready-to-wear. From January to March, you can buy autumn, winter, as well as demi-season items here. As a rule, domestic fashionistas come to this Italian town for fur coats, sheepskin coats and leather jackets, which differ not only in first-class quality, but also at affordable prices.

In the policy of sales at local stores, one can notice the following trend: at the beginning of the season, discounts do not exceed 30%, but after three to four weeks their percentage increases to 45-50. At the end of the event, things in boutiques and shopping centers can be purchased with a markdown reaching 80%.

It is noteworthy that in Rimini, sales are organized not only by single-brand boutiques or luxury segment stores, but also by wholesale factories belonging to the middle price range and fur salons.

When will the summer sales start in 2019

The summer Italian sales season is the most popular among avid shopaholics and fashionistas, because at this time you can not only buy exclusive items from world famous brands at prices much lower than their original cost, but also relax on the warm sunny coast. When planning your personal shopping tour, you should be aware of the existence of "Saldi" - that very state sales calendar. It contains information on the dates of the beginning and end of the season of discounts in the main shopping centers of the country. It is noteworthy that the schedule is designed so that the potential could visit almost all major retail outlets in Italy.

Schedule of sales season by city:

  • L'Aquila (L'Aquila) - from 6.07 to 8.09;
  • Potenza (Potenza) - from 2.07 to 2.09;
  • Catanzaro (Catanzaro) - from 7.07 to 31.08;
  • Naples (Napoli) - from 6.07 to 4.09;
  • Bologna (Bologna) - from 6.07 for sixty days;
  • Trieste (Trieste) - from 2.07 to 30.09;
  • Rome (Roma) - from 6.07 for six weeks;
  • Genoa (Genova) - from 6.07 for forty-five days;

  • Milan (Milano) - from 5.07 for sixty days;
  • Ancona (Ancona) - from 7.07 to 1.09;
  • Campobasso (Provincia di Campobasso) - from 2.07 to 14.09;
  • Piedmont (Piemonte) - from 6.07 to 01.09;
  • Bari (Bari) - from 2.07 to 14.09;
  • Cagliari (Cagliari) - from 6.07 to 04.09;
  • Palermo (Palermo) - from 6.07 to 15.09;
  • Florence (Firenze) - from 6.07 to 04.09;
  • Perugia (Perugia) - from 07.07 for sixty days;
  • Aosta (Aosta) - from 7.07 to 30.09;
  • Venice (Venezia) - from July 6 to September 31.

There are a number of unspoken rules, without the knowledge of which a comfortable summer shopping in Italy is impossible.

  1. On the day of the opening of the sales season, outlets will reign in a real boom and uncontrollable chaos. That is why the administration of the store may invite police officers or additional security.
  2. In order to be among the first in the queue for a boutique, you should take places since the night, because there are a lot of people who want to buy an original item at a discount.
  3. Be prepared for the fact that you may not be able to try on the thing you like, since all the fitting rooms will be busy, and the queues for them will be longer than the one that accumulated in front of the store itself. Experienced shoppers advise you to immediately buy a product - in the extreme case, you can always sell it.

After analyzing the geography of summer sales, as well as the accumulated experience of shoppers and fashion experts, we can identify a number of areas that are considered the most favorable for shopping:

  1. Center of Italy (capital and Rimini);
  2. North (Milan);
  3. South (Bari).

In each of the cities that act as a platform for sales, there are places where shopping will be more productive and diverse. Below are the main shopping centers in Italy, as well as the addresses of their boutiques.

The holy duty of any fashionista is to visit Via dei Condotti in Rome. It is on it that a record number of premium boutiques and stores are concentrated that offer shoes, clothes and accessories from leading designers of our time.

In Milan, it is highly recommended to visit the makeshift shopping "quadrangle" consisting of the following streets: Via Andrea, via Montenapoleone, via Gesu and Via della Spiga.

If you have chosen Venice as your place of shopping, then you should walk along Piazza San Marco and the streets adjacent to it.

Italian Outlets

Italy is the country with a record number of outlets. Outlet is a large shopping complex that throughout the year offers products from leading brands of our time at reduced prices (markdowns can reach 70%). As a rule, in such establishments goods from collections 3-5 years old are sold.

Today, this term can mean both traditional outlet centers, and all kinds of spaci and drains.


Drains are small commercial shops where discounted products are presented. In them you can find things that were sold at prestigious boutiques several years ago, but could not be sold. The main distinguishing feature of such points is a record discount percentage. So, in drains, wardrobe attributes are bought at prices 70-80% less than their real initial cost.


Spatch is one of the varieties of the outlet that specializes in selling products directly from production. Prices in these outlets are not much more expensive than in stock stores.

The list of goods that you can purchase in spacers:

  • Items from the collection, at least three years ago.
  • Exclusive prototype items from leading fashion houses that were created in single copies and which can be seen in future collections. The only remark of these products is that they are all presented in one size - the smallest, since they were originally sewn specifically for the catwalk models.
  • Things from both new and old collections that have slight flaws or defects. Their markdown can reach 30%.
  • Spacci are located in close proximity to places of their production, tailoring factories.

TOP 5 Outlets in Italy

Outlets can be found in any city, in any region of Italy, but how do you know which one is more preferable? Below you will find the best Italian outlets.

Castel romano

The Castel Romano Designer Outlet is located near Rome at 64 Via del Ponte di Piscina Cupa. The outlet is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00.

Here you can buy last year’s collections of world famous brands with discounts up to 70%. Also, the store conducts a series of additional closed sales for its regular customers.

The mall

The Mall Outlet is located in Florence at Via Europa 8., open daily from 10:00 to 19:00.

This outlet belongs to the luxury segment. He offers his customers items from past collections of fashion houses such as Prada, Miu Miu, Fendi and others.

Fidenza village outlet

Fidenza Village Outlet is located in Milan, located at Via S. Michele Campagna, 43036 Chiusa Ferranda, Fidenza PR. It is open daily from 10:00 to 19:00.

Over one hundred different brands of clothes and shoes are presented here. Also, the athlete has his own official website -, where you can preliminarily familiarize yourself with the entire range.

The only drawback of the "Fidenza Village Outlet" is that it is located quite far from the center of Milan.

Prada & Miu Miu Outlet "(Space)

The Prada & Miu Miu Miulet Outlet (Space) is located in Florence, located at Via Levanella Becorpi, Località Levanella, S.S. 69-52025 Montevarchi (AR).

The main feature of this store is that it offers its customers exclusively high-quality and exclusive items from Prada and Miu Miu. It is noteworthy that here you can buy not only discounted goods from last year’s collections, but also some things of current seasons on special offers.

Fuzzi factory outlet

The Fuzzi Factory Outlet is located in Rimini at 167, Via al Mare, San Giovanni In Marignano RN.

It deserves your attention, at least because it is replete with unusual and extravagant clothes from talented Italian designers. You will not find anywhere models similar to those presented in this shopping center.

Watch the video: Rome street style, September lookbook. How to transition summer clothing into fall. (February 2020).


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