Alassio - the pearl of the Ligurian coast

Alassio (Alassio) - one of the most famous resorts in Italy. It is located in the province of Savona, region of Liguria. The first settlement on this site appeared in the X century. Legend has it that the young daughter of the emperor of the Roman Empire, Otto I the Great, fled to the hills of Alassio with her lover, a simple squire. Father, however, was so generous that he forgave the lovers, Adelazia and Aleramo, and gave them part of his land on which the city of Alassio was built.

In the XVI century, the city fell under the influence of Genoa, which contributed to the development of trade and the creation of architectural monuments.

With the construction of the railway in the 18th century, a new era began for Alassio. The resort owes much of its development to the British, namely the Hanburi family, thanks to them all Italy trains stop in this small townfilled with English pitchforks and churches.

In the XIX century, doctors found that the mountain-sea climate of Alassio is good for health, and most of all for diseases of the heart and respiratory system. So the city became a popular medical resort. Now tourists choose it not only in order to improve their health, but also to enjoy a beach holiday and the beauty of the ancient city.

How to get there

The most convenient way to get to Alassio from other cities in Italy is by train. Trains come from Genoa, Milan and other major cities. You can find out the current schedule and price of tickets, as well as purchase them online at

The nearest airport is Genoa. The distance from Genoa to Alassio is about 100 kilometers, you can get to the end point of the route by train or taxi. A taxi will cost from 100 to 120 euros; train ticket is much cheaper - about 10 euros. Genova Brignole and Genova Piazza Principe regular buses depart from the airport to Genoa train stations, which cost 6 euros. Genova Sestri Station is a 20-minute walk from the airport. Trains to Alassio leave from Genoa train stations every 2 hours.

Climate and beaches

The weather in Alassio is characterized by little rain - the sun shines here almost all year round. The best time to relax is from June to September. In these months, the air warms up to 27 degrees, the water in the sea to 25. However, in winter the weather in Alassio is quite pleasant: thermometers rarely show from December to March below 13-15 degrees.

Alassio's beaches are rightfully considered one of the most beautiful and comfortable on the entire west coast of Italy. Their main advantage is that they are covered not with pebbles, as, for example, most of the beaches of the Cinque Terre National Park, but with pure quartz sand. There are only two free beaches in the city: all the rest belong to numerous hotels, which charge about 20 euros for access to the sea. Hotel guests receive discounts. On all beaches there are sun umbrellas, sunbeds, cafes, rental boats, sports grounds.


Gallinara Island (Isola Gallinara)

Gallinara Island is a unique natural attraction in the vicinity of Alassio. In the Middle Ages there was a Benedictine monastery - one of the largest and richest on the west coast of Italy. In the XIX century, when the monastery lost its influence, and the monks left, all the surviving buildings were transferred to private ownership. Now on the island you can see the monastery a small church, built in the neo-Gothic style, and a tower, which served as a warning and protection from pirate raids.

A separate attraction of Gallinara can be called its unique nature. Unique species of animals and birds are found here, rare exotic plants are found.

The coastal waters of Gallinara are interesting for divers, however, diving is carried out only accompanied by experienced instructors, since at the bottom there are often unexploded bombs from the Second World War.

Church of Santa Croce (Chiesa di Santa Croce)

The construction of the church of Santa Croce was first mentioned in 1169. The church belonged to the monastery of the island of Gallinara. For many centuries, the church was launched and only in the XIX century was restored. The location is breathtaking with its nature and panorama, which offers a top view of the entire city.

Church of the Madonna della Guardia

The official name of the Madonna della Guardia church is Santuario di Nostra Signora della Guardia. It was built in about 1200 by fishermen and sailors who vowed before God to build a church on the site of an old castle. Originally it was called "Stella Maris" - "Star of the Seas".

The interior of the church dates back to the 18th century. In it you can see a marble sculpture of the Sky Guard, a statue of the Madonna skillfully carved from wood, beautifully preserved frescoes made by the artist Virgilio Grana. Around the church lies a large beautiful park in which tourists and locals like to walk.

Muretto Wall

The wall of Muretto is not an old, but a quite modern landmark of Alassio. It was once just a wall surrounding a city park; but in the early 50s of the twentieth century, Ernest Hemingway gave birth to a new tradition: it was his idea to decorate the wall with colorful tiles autographed by famous actors, writers, artists, musicians, athletes and politicians.

Now on the wall of Muretto you can see the inscriptions made by Sophia Loren, Adriano Celentano, Tour Heyerdahl and many other famous personalities. And lovers have a tradition: every year on February 14, Valentine's Day, make appointments at the statue of lovers near the wall of Muretto.


Miss Muretto

In the 1950s, after the creation of the Mureto wall, a national beauty contest called Miss Mureto was also created, which was held annually in Alassio until 2014. In the final, 8 girls participate and only one is awarded the famous title. Over 60 years of existence, girls have been awarded who subsequently made their television careers, such as Simona Ventura.

Festival of color (Festa dei Colori)

Less historic, but equally massive is the Alassio Color Festival. This festival was created not so long ago, in 2012 and is held annually in mid-July on the streets of the city. The aim of creating this event was the slogan “Together for Alassio”. The essence of the festival is that the whole city is divided into districts and a specific color is assigned to each district. All residents of the city unite, dressing in accordance with their color and decorate restaurants, houses, streets in their own color. At the end of the day, the winner is chosen, the color that has become the most original and large-scale in design. You can follow the photo story of this bright event thanks to Instagram (the hashtag festadeicolorialassio).


In Alassio 93 hotels, we have selected the best accommodation options for you based on tourist reviews.

Grand hotel alassio

Grand Hotel Alassio is a luxurious five-star hotel with extra comfort rooms, furnished with exquisite furniture and interior items. Some have sea views.
The hotel offers a wellness center where you can undergo a range of beauty treatments, visit the sauna and swim in any weather in the indoor pool. The Grand Hotel has a Ligurian restaurant and a bar serving snacks and a variety of drinks. The cost of living in a double room is from 430 to 480 euros.

Hotel Al Saraceno

Hotel Al Saraceno is a great place to relax. The rooms here are furnished in a restrained, classic style, many have balconies. Guests can take advantage of free services such as internet access, bicycle rental, and also receive a significant discount on access to the hotel’s beach. The cost of living will be from 150 to 180 euros per night in a double room.

Grand hotel spiaggia

Grand Hotel Spiaggia is a 4-star hotel located on the seafront and surrounded by its own garden. The rooms are furnished with exclusive designer furniture. There is a swimming pool in the garden, and sun loungers are installed on the roof so that guests can sunbathe for their pleasure. A buffet breakfast is served each morning. Accommodation in a double room will cost from 195 to 245 euros per night.

Hotel Lamberti

Hotel Lamberti is located on Alassio's central promenade, within walking distance of the city center. All of his rooms are designed in the style of strict classics, which, however, makes them no less cozy. The hotel offers additional services such as free bike rental and free internet access. On the ground floor there is a Ligurian restaurant and a rich wine bar. The cost of hotel accommodation is from 125 to 148 euros per night.

Grand Hotel Mediterranee

Grand Hotel Mediterranee is located on the seafront. It offers its guests an extensive and well-maintained sandy beach, a terrace restaurant in the middle of the garden and a wellness center that operates in the summer and includes a Turkish bath, massage room, spa treatments and a gym. The rooms are elegantly refined, and many have balconies. You can rent a double room for an amount of 150 to 240 euros per night. 

Watch the video: Five star Luxury Hotel La Meridiana in Liguria, Italy. (February 2020).


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