Roccaraso - ski resort in Abruzzo

Roccaraso (Roccaraso) - the most popular and equipped ski resort in the Abruzzi Apennines (Appennino abruzzese) - is located in the south of the province of L'Aquila. It is part of the Alto Sangro ski area, the seventh most-rated ski area in Italy. The proximity of Rome and Naples allows you to combine outdoor activities with cultural and educational. Often this is the best option for a winter vacation in Italy.

Skiing opportunities

Roccaraso has a large selection of slopes, and the combined SkiPass Alto Sangro provides tourists with 150 km of ski slopes of all categories in the ski areas of 4 resorts:

  1. Roccaraso
  2. Rivizondoli
  3. Pescocostanzo (Pescocostanzo)
  4. Pescasseroli (Pescasseroli).

The resort is equipped in a modern way: the recently built Pizzalto-Gravare-Torpo del Tesoro cable car combines ski areas located at different heights into a single system. Since 2017, a new snowmaking installation has been commissioned, the largest in Italy and the third most powerful in Europe, which can cover 80 km of tracks with snow.

The system of ski inn-ski out hotels is actively developing in Roccaraso, they are located close to the ski lifts, which is important for such resorts.

The resort has a great opportunity to ride in the country style, enjoying the cleanest air in Italy and stunning landscapes. For this, 60 km of cross-country trails are equipped. An indoor ice rink has also been built in Roccaraso.

How to get there

The location of Roccaraso is convenient for visitors. Almost at equal distance from the resort are Rome's airports - Fiumicino and Ciampino; Naples (Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli-Capodichino); Pescara (Aeroporto Internazionale d'Abruzzo).

From naples

From Naples Airport with an interval of 20-30 minutes. Alibus buses run to Piazza Garibaldi Square. From here 5 times a day depart flights to Pescara with a stop in the resort of Roccaraso. Schedule here: www.arpaonline.it; travel time 2 hours; 17 minutes; fare 14 € -20 €.

From rome

Option from Roma Termini Station by train to Venafro Station; from Venafro to Roccaraso station by bus. All expensive will take about 4 hours and will cost 40 €. It is inconvenient to travel by bus from Rome to Roccaraso.

From Pescara

Bus number 38 runs from Pescara Airport to the city bus station. From here, flights with a stop to Roccaraso take place 4 times a day: www.arpaonline.it. Travel time - 1.5 hours, fare up to 13 €.

By car

It is most convenient to get to Roccaraso by renting a car at auto.italy4.me, then a trip from Naples will take about 2 hours and will cost 25 € -35 €; from Rome - 2.5 hours and 30 € -45 €; from the city of Pescara - 1 hour 20 minutes and 20 € -26 €.

Ski season

It's hard to believe, but in the center of Italy, not far from Rome and Naples, there are fewer problems with snow on the tracks in winter than in the north in the Alps.

Snow falls here earlier, more of it - this is due to the proximity of the sea and the abundance of rainfall in the mountains. Unfortunately, avalanches in Abruzzo are not uncommon. Weather conditions and the situation on the main lifts of the resort of Roccaraso can be viewed using a webcam: roccaraso.net.

Low season

Low season (Low season; Bassa Stagione) happens in Roccaraso twice:

  • November 24 - December 22 is the time of unstable snow cover;
  • 13.03 - 02.04 - in the afternoon the snow begins to thaw.

Christmas season

Christmas season (Christmas-new year; Natale-Capodanno) - period of highest prices: 12.23-08.01 - winter holidays in Europe attract a lot of vacationers to the resort.

Average season

Mid season (season; Stagione): 01.01-12.02 - season of stable snow cover (100-120 cm), good skiing, an influx of holidaymakers on weekends.

High season

High season (high season; Alta Stagione): 02.13-12.03 - the influx of tourists can be associated with the time of traditional European carnivals.

Ski Pass Cost

The cost of the Ski Pass in Altro Sangro is the highest in the region. Adult daily subscription costs 38 € in low season, and 41 € in Christmas season. You can save by buying a ski pass for a few days. So, a 5-day subscription in the low season costs 170 €, and a 6-day subscription costs 193 €, i.e. savings of 20 € -35 €.

Having bought a multi-day ski pass, you cannot skip the paid skiing days, otherwise the money will be lost.

It will be cheaper to buy skipasses only in the morning (Mattiniero - “early bird” - costs 31 €) or only in the afternoons (Pomeridiano, costs 29 €). The duration of riding will be short: in the morning from 8.30 to 13 hours; after lunch from 12.30 to 17.00. A great option for those whose relaxation includes not only skiing. Current prices in the SkiPass Alto Sangro area can be found here: roccaraso.net.

Trails, lifts

The resort of Roccaraso has its own complex, consisting of three skiing centers concentrated around the peaks of the same name: Monte Pratello (Monte Pratello - 2044), Pizzalto (Pizzalto - 1850), Aremogna (Aremogna - 1668 m). This complex is located 7 km from Roccaraso and offers a total of 66 slopes. Of them: 26 blue, 50 km long; 22 reds - 45 km; 18 blacks - 16 km.

Aremona - the lowest of the peaks, with a slight difference in height, mainly blue tracks. There is a ski school and courses for beginners. Aremogna lifts will take advanced skiers to the top of Toppa del Tesoro (1,141 m), from where there are long blue slopes, 1 difficult red and a steep black track.

Pizzalto is a very beautiful and the sunniest ski area. There are more elevation differences: 300-340 m, red and black slopes predominate, but there is a very interesting, winding three-kilometer blue track number 64. On this track you can have a bite in the cozy Paradiso house, hidden in the forest.

There are instructors in teaching the technique of skiing, snowboarding, children are trained personnel. Fans of snowkiting often hover over Pizzalto, the base has become the center for the development of extreme sports.

Monte Pratello is the base for experienced athletes. The difference in elevation from the Monte Pratello Rivisondoli ski lift to the top of the mountain is 700 m. Here, the place is dominated by black and red routes running along the northern slopes of the mountain. The longest route of the resort descends from here - blue No. 45, 4 km long. Continuing downhill for 700 m, you can ski down to the resort of Rivisondoli.

Alto Sangro's single ski pass provides access to the Pescocostanzo and Pescasseroli ski slopes. Scheme of ski runs here:

Along with the Pizzalto-Gravare-Topé del Tesoro cable car, the slopes are serviced by 4 gondolas, 12 chairlifts and 12 ski lifts. The whole complex provides a selection of pistes for skiing for every taste and skill.


Roccaraso and Rivondoli are located at a distance of 6-7 km from skiing bases. Living in a city hotel and getting to the ski lifts in full ski equipment every day is burdensome. Therefore, ski inn-ski out hotels are being built in the resort, in close proximity to the ski lifts. Such ski hotels provide specific services: rental, ski storage, deep relaxation opportunities.

We have selected the best Roccaraso hotels for you based on traveler reviews and tips from our readers.

4 stars

Hotel pizzalto

Hotel Pizzalto is next to the ski lift and offers rooms with views of Pizzalto Mountain. It offers a spa with hydromassage, steam room and sauna. The restaurant menu offers classic Italian cuisine. In the morning, a hot drink buffet is served. People with disabilities will find help and understanding here.

Garni astoria

Hotel Garni Astoria is a 10-minute drive from the Monte Pratello ski lift. There is a relaxation center with hydromassage and a Turkish bath. In the mornings breakfast is offered, there is a bar where you can eat in the afternoon. Chromotherapy showers are among the hotel's amenities. There are family rooms.

3 stars

Hotel LuSi

Hotel Lusi is located by the Aremogna ski lift and provides quick access to all of the resort's trails. There is a storage room for ski equipment, ski rental, classes in ski schools are offered. The rooms have private bathrooms. The hotel serves a buffet. There is convenient free parking.

Hotel 5 Miglia

Hotel 5 Miglia is located close to the Monte Pratello ski resort, which offers a free shuttle service. There is a fitness center and sauna, family rooms and free parking. Breakfast is included in the room rate; The restaurant's menu offers local dishes.

Hotel holidays

Hotel Holidays is located in the center of Roccaraso, 2 km from Monte Pretilo Ski Lift, which offers a free shuttle service. A sports center and ice rink are nearby. A buffet is served in the mornings, while the restaurant serves national dishes of Abruzzo. Family rooms and free parking are available.


Residence Villa Aremogna

Residence Villa Aremogna is located next to Aremogna Ski Lift and offers ski rental and storage facilities. The customers are provided with a kitchen equipped with a stove and a fridge, a dining area.

Camping del sole

Camping Del Sole is located away from the ski lifts, convenient for guests by car; free parking is available for them. The rooms have private bathrooms. There is a restaurant.


Roccaraso restaurants offer Italian and international dishes. But in Abruzzo you should also try the local cuisine. Soup Virtu (virtu), for example, was prepared during the time of the Roman Empire; The art of harmoniously combining dried and fresh vegetables, spices and meat is not mastered by many today. Fjadone (fiadone) - the most delicate pies with dough, kneaded on white wine; sausages ventricina (vencetrina) and mortadella (mortadella) - these and many other delicacies are glad to treat the locals guests in the restaurants of the resort.

La staffa

La Staffa is the most popular restaurant in Roccaraso, although it is not located in the very center of the resort. Visitors appreciate it for the quality of local dishes and especially for the friendliness of the staff. Viale Napoli 74, Roccaraso.

Al tratturo

Al Tratturo is a family-run restaurant located in the vicinity of Mount Monte Pratello. Especially famous for first courses and pizza. Customers note the owner's extraordinary care, reasonable prices even in high season. Via Pietransieri, 5, 67037 Roccaraso.

La fattoria

La Fattoria restaurant is located on the SS17 highway, not at all in the center of the city, but many tourists are eager to drop in to buy take-away pizza. Opinion of all visitors: here is world-class pizza. Strada Statale 17 Km. 139, 67037 Roccaraso.

Après ski

A ski-free evening can be spent in the movies, as in the good old days. Visitors to the Cinema Roma in Roccaraso are mostly elderly seniors.

For families with children there is a winter amusement park Parco Divertimenti Coppo dell'Orso with dizzying sledding. Some tourists are attracted by the Palaghiaccio G. Bolino indoor ice rink. Caffe Leone invites night owls to have fun in the night cafe.

Do not forget that near Roccarazo are Rome, Naples, the Adriatic coast, which remain the best option for relaxing after the mountain descents.

Watch the video: ROCCARASO SKI RESORT-ABRUZZO (February 2020).


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