Sardinia weather and monthly water temperatures

Sardinia (Sardegna) - an island located west of mainland Italy, south of Corsica (Corsica). Today it is famous for its beautiful beaches, translucent azure sea and breathtaking mountain scenery. The climate on the island is Mediterranean subtropical. The weather in Sardinia for 6 months from May to October is hot and dry, often with a breeze due to its location in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. In the remaining months, it is mild, with a good amount of sunlight, especially in March and April, when everything blooms.

Monthly weather characteristics are useful for those who want to visit Sardinia at different times of the year, especially if you are looking for a peaceful but adventurous vacation among fantastic, wild landscapes and friendly people. Just don't expect to be on the beach all year round; it’s not warm enough here.

But even if the temperature is only 20 ° C, it makes sense to leave a cold, rainy, albeit hometown, city in October and come to bright, warm Sardinia. For those who are interested in local customs, traditions, there are many festivals and holidays throughout the year that will attract the attention of travelers in almost any month of the year.

The average monthly minimum and maximum daily temperature in Sardinia



Winters in Sardinia are quite short, lasting from December to February. The weather in December is mild, from 6 degrees at night to 15 in the afternoon. Frost and snow are rare. And if they do, they are very short-lived. It is humid, as in November it is rainy and boring, only 3 hours a day the sun is shining. Most hotels, souvenir shops, bars do not work in December. But Italy is getting ready for Christmas and New Year. In December, 8th, Christmas trees decorate; instead of souvenir shops, Christmas markets open. Cagliari hosts the Nuova Danza FIND International Festival, many concerts. Everyone is waiting for a miracle.


The coolest month. The average air temperature is 9.95 ° C, the water in the sea is 14 ° C. The weather in January can be rainy, especially in elevated areas, while the north of Sardinia and the coast remain dry. Sometimes it snows, but this rarely happens. Often there is no sunlight due to clouds, fog. In the mountains above 500 m lies snow. Secche di Gennaio is a phenomenon that affects the weather in Sardinia in January. For two weeks in the middle of the month, the island has warm, dry weather, and the temperature reaches 20 ° C.

In January, the island is immersed in peace and quiet. Few travelers come here in the winter to taste the real, non-tourist life of the island: travel it on a sports bike, get acquainted with the culture, customs of the islanders, see the origins of ancient civilizations.


The average monthly air temperature in Cagliari is quite mild - 10.45 ° C, in the afternoon it can reach 15 °, but the nights are cold, the sea cools to 13 °. In February, in Sardinia it would be boring (on average only 4 hours of bright sunlight per day), if not for carnivals. Costumed masked figures defile the villages and cities of the island with local songs, drinks, musical instruments day and night. A great way to immerse yourself in island life is to join them.



A popular time for non-mainstream tourists is spring and early summer. According to many, the best months to visit are March, April and May, because flowers bloom, trees and grass become green and beautiful. The weather during these months is not too hot and not too cold. The average temperature in Cagliari, in Sardinia, rises in March to 11.65 ° C. Daytime reaches 16-17 degrees, and nighttime - 7. The sun shines brightly about 51.4% of the daylight. The island in March is still free from the crowd of tourists.


The air temperature gradually rises, reaching 18 ° C during the day. But the nights are still cool, 9-10 degrees, so you should take warm things. The weather in April is dry, it rarely rains. The sky becomes cloudless, almost seven hours a day the sun shines brightly.

Vibrant processions and dramatic performances dedicated to the celebration of Easter are held in many cities and villages throughout the island. In April, Festival Alguer begins, at which jazz groups perform and daily theater performances are organized. It is held in two historical places of Alghero - the beautiful Roman Anfiteatro Maria Pia and Forte della Maddalena, and will last until September.


For amazingly clear waters and white sand, beach lovers go to the island since May. The swimming season opens. The temperature in Cagliari, Sardinia is very warm, in the afternoon in May it reaches 30 degrees, and it is already hot enough to swim in the sea. The water temperature in the Sardinian and Tyrrhenian seas ranges from 18 ° to 20 ° C. The weather is sunny, the sky is bright blue, on average 8 hours 40 minutes on it is a blazing sun.

In May, the island blooms with many holidays and festivals. May 1 is the day of St. Efisio, the patron saint of Sardinia, celebrated by all the islanders. In Porto Rotondo (Porto Rotondo) is held the Estiva Cup - an international sailing regatta, in Olbia (Olbia) - the folk festival of San Simplicio, in the city of Sassari - the island festival of Calvalcata Sarda with traditional horse shows, competitions in the performance of poems, songs and folk dances, in Beatty - pastoral festival Festa dell 'Annunziata. And the capital of Cagliari in May invites to the Sant 'Efiso festival and "Monumenti Aperti", when access to monuments and museums, usually inaccessible to the general public, is open.

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In June, a summer paradise begins in Sardinia. The island is crowded with tourists mainly from various European countries. The sky is dark blue and a sea of ​​shade of turquoise. Hot and dry, especially in the south of the island. The temperature in the afternoon reaches 27 ° C. On the northwest side, the Mistral wind prevails; it brings a cooling breeze in the afternoon. The nights are mild with an average minimum of 16.1 ° C in June. The sun does not leave the sky 60.1% of daylight hours. Average water temperature + 20 ° C.

The month is notable for the Baltic and European Sailing Cups in Porto Cervo, the regatta for luxury yachts Loro Piana Super Yacht Regatta around La Maddalena, the Cherry Festival in Burcei and the Tundimentaseulesa Shearing Festival. In Olbia in June, the "month of mussel". Tourists are happy to attend all these events, try local delicacies.


July is the leader in high temperatures. In the afternoon it can be very hot - 29.6 ° C, at night - at least 18.6 ° C. The Italians at this time of the day during the day prefer to pause, relax, going outside again on a cool evening to take a walk, chat with friends, have a drink in a street cafe. Walking under the stars and the moon on warm nights is one of the joys of summer. The swimming season is in full swing, the water is 23 ° C. The weather in July is arid, without rain. The sun is in the sky 72.9% of the daylight, emitting glaring solar radiation.

The Peach Festival is known for a month at the San Sperate Village Museum Museum near Cagliari, the five-day Red Tango Art Festival in Cagliari and the Santa Teresa Gallura Fish Festival.


The busiest month in Sardinia. A holiday of warmth, intense sunlight and golden brown color of landscapes from dry vegetation. The weather in August is not very different from July, it is just as hot, dry, the thermometer can reach 40 ° C. The average temperature in Sardinia is high - 24.45 ° C. At night - 19 ° C. The probability of precipitation at the end of summer increases. In August, it’s good to go to the mountains, where you can relax a bit from the stuffiness. The sky is high, the sun shines for more than 10 hours, approximately 72.6% of the daylight. The sea and beaches are also crowded with tourists, diving enthusiasts. Thanks to the winds blowing around the island, the heat is not so depressing as on the mainland.

Tired of heat and idleness, travelers are happy to go to the Tempio Pausania Summer International Folklore Carnival, which attracts with live music, dancing, fireworks and colorful processions; attend the Berchidda International Jazz Festival or listen to local music, dance, drink fine and exquisite Vermentino wine at the fun Vermentino Festival in Monti Village.



Autumn on the island is as beautiful as spring. The heat is leaving, but the water in the sea remains still warm at 23 ° C and crystal clear. The weather in sunny Sardinia in warm September still favors an active beach holiday. The average air temperature is 21.95 ° C, it can still be hot during the day, up to 26.9 ° C, at night - an average minimum of 17 ° C. It can be cloudy, and it can even rain, but rarely.
Every year in the last days of September, the city of Alghero turns into a theater. Live music is heard in the squares and streets, performances are going on, exhibitions are opening. Now is a great time to visit Alghero, and a great chance to learn old traditions. And in Cagliari, the exciting Round Sardinia Race sailing competition takes place, which starts at the port of the city, goes around the entire island and finishes at the launch site.


In October, the velvet season continues, the weather is warm and clear. The average air temperature is 18.25 ° C, during the day it reaches 22.8 ° C, at night it does not fall below 13.7 ° C. The average sea temperature is 21 ° C. But it rains more often, sometimes in October there is a storm . Nevertheless, the sun in the sky is 57% of the daylight. The first half of the month for a beach holiday is ideal.

In October, the Challenge Cup sailing regatta in Alghero closes the season. The event is very colorful, which is one torchlight procession in the city center. At the end of the month, the Sagra della Castagna chestnut festival is held, on the 31st of the day, islanders celebrate Halloween around the world.


The wettest month. The rainy season comes, the swimming season ends. In October and November, Italy says goodbye to the last tourists - beach lovers. The island is empty. Although the weather in November is fairly warm by our standards, the average air temperature is 13.85 ° C, during the day it is still warm up to 18 °, but nights become colder. Most of the day there is no bright sunlight due to clouds. The sea cools down to 18 °. Holidays ended on the water.

Are you planning to relax in Sardinia today, but do not know what to bring with you, will it be cold, hot during your vacation? Go to, the original meter will show you the typical weather and average temperature for months, every day, which are expected during your vacation. Data has been collected for many years, but Italy is often unpredictable in terms of weather - so please accept the information as a guide, not a guarantee!

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