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Nando Muzi - Italian luxury shoe brand

Nando Muzi is a world famous Italian brand of footwear belonging to the luxury market segment. It has existed on the international scene for over 40 years and during this time managed to turn into a real symbol of luxury and success. Shoes, boots, ballet shoes, ankle boots and sandals from Nando Muzi are made exclusively by hand using high quality and natural materials, as well as first-class textiles.

Brand History

Like most other legendary Italian shoe brands, initially Nando Muzi was just a small family shop for the production and sale of leather footwear. It was opened in 1956 by the outstanding shoe maker of the time - Nando Muzi. However, the official registration of the brand took place only 7 years later, in 1963. It was then that the brand name "Nando Muzi" appeared. Its homeland is a small provincial town located in eastern Italy in the Marche region - San Elpidio (Sant'Elpidio).

The creator of the brand, Nando Muzi, despite all his modesty, had remarkable ambitions and sought to organize his own business that would make him famous.

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So, starting with a small shoe store, he gradually begins to develop his production, expand the range of products. The creative approach to work, as well as the undeniable talent and perseverance of the Italian help him soon win the love and recognition of customers. Rumors of Nando Muzi's extraordinarily comfortable and elegant shoes are beginning to spread throughout Italy and gradually go beyond its borders.

It is worth mentioning that the formation and development of the shoe brand took place in the post-war period, and this also played a role in its fate. So, tired of the protracted World War II, Europe demanded some changes, some lightness and ease. And all this gave the world shoes from Nando Muzi. Simple, but at the same time elegant and sophisticated high-heeled shoes, distinguished by a very distinctive Italian design, were able to conquer fashionistas of that time in record time. In society, the brand began to be associated with beautiful and passionate girls with an unsurpassed taste.

All the time, from its official formation to the end of the 70s of the last century, the brand developed dynamically, expanding its customer base and improving its production technologies. However, 1979 was marked for the company as a crisis period.

However, the skillful creator of the brand, Nando Muzy, managed not only to withdraw his enterprise from a state of stagnation, but also to increase its capital. Trying to find some ways and ways out of the crisis, he decides to invest all available funds in the acquisition of a new production area, a new building. These risky actions are quite successful from a commercial point of view, and this allows the shoe company to reach a new, world level.

Nando Muzi today

Currently, Nando Muzi is considered one of the main Italian suppliers of luxury footwear to the world market. In the shoes of this brand, stars of the first magnitude often appear on the red carpet, including Anne Hathaway, Amber Heard, and Julia Roberts, and many other Hollywood beauties.

The similar prevalence of branded shoes among the main media personalities of our time is explained quite simply: Nando Muzi today is not only a symbol of luxury and elegance, it is also a synonym for convenience and comfort. When creating new models, the key attention is paid to the development of the correct shoe block, the appropriate location of the heel, the selection of wedges.

Among the main principles of the company’s policy are the following:

  • The use of exclusively high-quality natural materials;
  • Creating new collections manually;
  • Continuous development and improvement of production techniques and technologies;
  • The development of unique and relevant designs that match the rhythm of modern life.

It is noteworthy that to create each batch of shoes only premium types and varieties of genuine leather are used, the manufacture of which also takes place through handmade work. Also in Among the company is especially widespread unspoken legend, according to which, each released pair is approved personally by the owner-founder of the brand - Nando Muzi.

Collection fall-winter 2016-2017

Currently, under the Nando Muzi brand, not only shoe products made of leather and textiles are produced today, but also a variety of extravagant accessories, bags, scarves and glasses.

The new collection of the brand, the presentation of which took place as part of the next fashion show at Nando Muzi, is characterized by an abundance of various small details and elements, due to which a feeling of harmony and completeness of the presented models is created.

In the women's shoe line, much attention is paid to:

  • Boots in a crude "masculine style";
  • Chelsea boots, both high-heeled and flat-soled;
  • High boots on a hairpin, mainly from suede materials;
  • A variety of sophisticated stiletto heels.

Traditionally, the collection also features patent-leather oxford shoes, sneakers and ballet flats made in various colors and textures.

As for the line of bags and accessories, their color palette is distinguished by its richness and variety. The most common colors are black, burgundy, blue, swamp and red shades - absolutely appropriate and harmonious for the autumn-winter season.

Where can one buy?

Today, official Nando Muzi mono-boutiques, as well as boutique hotels, can be found in Luxembourg and Dubai at the following addresses:

  • 86 Grand-Rue;
  • Galeries la Fayette Dubai Mall.

In Russia, the products of the fashion brand are presented in TsUM, GUM, as well as in the Rendez-vous chain of stores.

As for online stores, the original Nando Muzi products can be ordered on the following sites:

  • - official website and online store;

Watch the video: Italian Fashion Talent Awards 2017 MOMENTO FUSION - Fashion Channel (February 2020).


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