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Cheap hotel in Rome: reviews and tips for choosing

Today we will get to know the cheapest hotels in Rome. In the article Hotels in Rome 3 and 4 stars: prices, tips, we book on our own, we considered options in the range from 80 to 100 euros per day. Naturally, not every guest of the Eternal City has the opportunity to book a hotel at such a price, although this fee is the minimum for acceptable comfort.

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Let me remind you that not every accommodation option offered by Bucking is a hotel. In Rome there are a limited number of them, so hostels and apartments will also be included in the review.

Accommodation options cost from 45 to 75 euros per day for a double roomwhich we consider today have the following features:

  • you will spend up to an hour and a half on the road to the historical center;
  • the metro will most likely have to be reached with a bus transfer;
  • amenities and showers will sometimes be located on the floor.

If you are ready to accept these points, then a review of the most inexpensive hotels will significantly save your budget.

So, today is March 11, 2014 and for the purity of the experiment we will look for the cheapest, but at the same time not too far from the center, accommodation options after 3 months, from June 11 to June 16, 2014, for 6 days / 5 nights.

We start the search for the hotel from the main page of by clicking on the special link, we support our site. The logo "in collaboration with ITALY4.ME" will appear at the top of the site - you are on the right track.

In the search bar, enter Rome, Lazio, Italy and click "Find", then sort the output options by price.

I remind you that I choose a place of residence through the eyes of a local resident, immediately sifting out all the options in the deep ..., say, in the distance, as well as the dangerous areas of the city.

The first An acceptable option that has already become legendary among European youth is Camping Village Rome.

I can add a personal review about this place, as I stayed in it with 15 friends in May 2013, when we were faced with the task of organizing my bachelor party. The place is quite attractive, since there is an outdoor pool, a disco, it takes about 20 minutes to get to the metro, and from there to any attractions in 20-40 minutes. Shower, by the way, in every room. The place is ideal for student companies, and there are also many campers with mobile homes. It is unlikely that it will turn out to be violent in the territory after 23.00, but the disco until 02.00 will compensate for this. There is free internet and the opportunity to have breakfast for about 5 euros. The gorgeous six of my friends enjoyed spending time by the pool so much that they missed the plane and spent an unforgettable extra night at the campsite. In my opinion, while it is warm - from May to September - this option has no competitors.
Accommodation in this camp will cost 200 euros for two, with breakfast - 250 euros for 5 nights.

Second the option is to stay at Domus Appia Antica.

It is a 5-minute walk from the historic Appian Way and a 10-minute bus ride from Arco Di Travertino Metro Station. It offers a garden, air-conditioned rooms and free Wi-Fi throughout. Including city tax, this option costs 270 euros for two with breakfast.

Third option, just proud of what I found - this is Hotel Brunella.

Located 200 meters from Roma Trastevere Train Station, which is strategically advantageous if you arrive at Fiumicino Airport. It offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi. Piramide Metro Station is a 15-minute walk. Or in 5 minutes walk to the tram stop and after 10 minutes you will be from the gastronomic part of Trastevere, and after 15 minutes on Venice Square at the Altar of the Fatherland. And from there, most sights are within easy reach. The only negative is the shared bathroom. It is most advantageous to pay for a room in this hotel right away, then you can save 110 euros. With breakfast and taking into account the city tax of 2 euros per person per night, this hotel will cost you 285 + 50 = 335 euros, which for such an arrangement in Rome I consider a gift of fate.

Fourth option the one-star hotel Hotel Kristi, located next to Via Veneto, which houses the most expensive hotels in Rome, but this option will cost you only 300 + 20 = 320 euros for 5 nights.

Yes, of course, up to five stars are very far away, but if the hotel is just a bed for you, then the shared bathroom is compensated by the proximity of the Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese, the most beautiful park in Rome.

Fifth An interesting option that I liked was the Hotel Domus Aurelia next to the Vatican.

Domus Aurelia is a 20-minute walk from the Vatican. There is a bus stop nearby with links to the center of Rome. There is free Wi-Fi access in public areas, including the garden. Valle Aurelia Metro Station, line A, is a 15-minute walk from the hotel. Total, including tax, you have to pay 330 euros for 5 nights.

The sixth option was found in the modern EUR area, the Shelisa B&B guest house hostel for 325 + 20 = 345 euros, including tax.

The rooms are cozy, with some amenities on the floor, but the proximity to the Basilica San Paolo subway compensates for this moment. “Italian” breakfasts are included here, but do not expect more than coffee with a croissant.

Seventh the option is somewhat out of our review of cheap hotels, as it has 4 stars in its arsenal, it costs only 330 + 30 (tax) = 360 euros for 5 nights. This is the Hotel Artis. For breakfast, by the way, the guest is offered a buffet.

What's the catch? Firstly, this is a “smart offer” promotion, and in fact this hotel costs 75 euros more. Yes, it is located not very favorably, you will have to travel 2-3 bus stops to the metro. Termini Station can be reached from the Subaugusta and Cinecittà metro stations in about 15 minutes, which is generally normal. You will have to use public transport anyway, wherever you are. On the hotel’s website they write, “Hotel Artis offers air-conditioned rooms with an LCD TV, satellite TV, minibar and Wi-Fi. Marble bathrooms have a hairdryer. ” I consider this option worthy of consideration.

Eighth I have already met the option several times, but did not include it in the reviews because of the availability only by bus or taxi. But today he is very out of place. Again 4 stars, a hotel with a Russian nameGrand hotel heritage.

Hotel Hermitage is in Rome's prestigious Parioli district. Its rooftop garden overlooks the dome of St. Peter's Basilica. The Green Oasis, Villa Ada Park, is 600 meters away.

Hotel Hermitage provides easy bus connections to the main attractions of the city and Termini Train Station. Nearby is also the Olympic Stadium - you can go to football, as well as the sports center of Rome Foro Italico with a tennis court, pool and rugby field. Total 340+ (3x2x5) = 370 euros for 5 nights with breakfasts - an excellent option.

The remaining options are knocked out of the budget for 50-75 euros per day, but in the end I would like to offer one more idea - to combine sightseeing of the Eternal City and sea rest.

Not everyone knows that marine resort of Ostia located just 30 kilometers from the city. Getting to it from the Piramide metro station costs only 1.5 euros, since it is legally located in the city. That is, a regular city ticket for 100 minutes is valid. During this time, you will have time to get to any attraction in Rome. This accommodation option can be considered from March to November, as living on the sea is always cool. A review of hotels and holiday tips in Ostia will be released on our site very soon, but for now, for starters, an option near the sea.

Litus Roma Hostel is located on the beach in Ostia, 800 meters from Ostia Lido Centro Station, from where you can reach Rome.

Litus Roma Hostel is located in a historic building and offers rooms of various types. Each room has a TV, fan and bathroom with free toiletries and towels. A breakfast buffet is served each morning. Free Wi-Fi is available in the special area. 350 euros for 5 nights at sea and the opportunity to get to Rome at any time - our price.

Conclusions and some thoughts: in this review, I deliberately did not consider hotels near the Termini station - like many native Romans I consider it not safe. Of the options found, I personally liked the third Hotel Brunella next to the Trastevere station, I, having a limited budget, would stay in it. As part of a fun company of 4 people, I would recommend staying at Camping Village Rome. Also, a visit to Rome can be combined with a vacation at sea in Ostia, which can be reached for only 1.5 euros from Piramide metro station. Housing prices there are slightly cheaper, especially during the off-season. I will be glad to answer your questions in the comments.

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