The most delicious photos of Italian pasta

Pasta or pasta, as is more familiar to the Russian ear, has long been included in our diet. I’m sure that at least once a week you can see homemade lasagna, carbonara or spaghetti with à la Bolognese sauce on your table. Food lovers love to spoil themselves with more refined recipes of actually such a simple dish, which Italy is so famous for.

You can talk about the secrets of Italian pasta for hours.

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Among those who fell in love with the most famous dish of Italian cuisine and carried this love to others was Nikolai Gogol. He lived and worked in Rome for a long time. Here he first tasted real pasta and was overwhelmed by its taste. According to Roman legends, at lunch at Antico Caffè Greco (Address: Via dei Condotti, 86, now the trattoria has been transformed into a cafe museum where everyone can touch the atmosphere of the 18-19th century and have a cup of coffee) the writer ate 2- 3 servings. Nikolai Vasilievich brought this passion for pasta to Russia. Here is what his friend Sergei Timofeevich Aksakov writes about this:

"On the third day, about two hours before lunch, Gogol suddenly runs to us ... pulls pasta, parmesan cheese and even butter out of his pockets and asks the cook to call and explain to him how to cook the pasta ... When they served pasta, which, by order Gogol, were not cooked, he began to cook it, standing on his feet in front of the bowl, he rolled up a shortcut and, with haste and at the same time with accuracy, first put a lot of butter and two saucepan spoons began to mix pasta, then put salt, then pepper and finally cheese and continuing l interfere for a long time.

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It was impossible to look at Gogol without laughter and surprise; he did this business with all his heart, as if it was his favorite craft, and I thought that if fate had not made Gogol a great poet, he would certainly be an artist-cook. As soon as there was a sign that the pasta was ready, that is, when the full cheese started to drag, Gogol with great haste forced us to put pasta on our plates and eat "

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If in the days of Nikolai Gogol there were only classical recipes for cooking Italian pasta, today housewives and cooks go for experiments: they use new ingredients, mix tastes and come up with new sauces. We have selected for you some delicious mouth-watering photos that will make you cook something delicious. Enjoy and be inspired!

Gnocchi in a creamy sauce

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Conkilloni with meat

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Chicken Macaroni

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Seafood Linguine

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Spaghetti a la bolognese

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Spaghetti with Dried Tomatoes

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Fettuccine with chanterelles in a creamy sauce

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Homemade lasagna

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Share your own recipes for Italian pasta in the comments. And do not forget to send a link to this article to friends who are trying to limit their diet and are on a diet. Let the will power be trained!

Enjoy your meal!

Watch the video: How to Pronounce Pasta Types with a REAL ITALIAN -- Esquire Middle East (February 2020).


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