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How to get from Rimini to Venice: train, bus and car rental

Resting in Rimini, it’s a sin not to give in to temptation and not to wind for a day or two to Venice. Moreover, the distance from Rimini to Venice in a straight line is just over 100 kilometers, and the transport infrastructure allows you to travel back and forth even within one day. You can do this by bus, train or rental car, and we will talk about which of these options is preferable in this article.

Distance from Rimini to Venice

As we have already noted, the distance from Rimini to Venice in a straight line is a little over 100 km, and to be more precise - 154. But this is for those who are in a helicopter. Most travelers choose one of two routes - through Bologna or along the coast - through Ravenna.

From Rimini to Venice by plane

There are no direct flights between Rimini and Venice. But even if they existed, they do not make much sense: alternative transport options are much more convenient and faster.

The distance from Rimini to Venice is just over 100 km

If you want to fly, you can, of course, take a flight with a transfer, but it will come out more expensive and longer. The cost of such a flight will cost at least 100 Euros, and you will lose a lot of time. Moreover, in addition to the flight itself, you will also need to spend money on transport to and from the airport.

From Rimini to Venice by train

A few years ago, there were no direct trains between Rimini and Venice, and travelers had to waste a lot of time traveling with transfers. Now there is such a train. Even 2.

At the beginning of 2019, trains depart from Rimini to Venice at 13:17 and 19:17. In the opposite direction - from Venice to Rimini - at 6:55 and 15:07. The road takes about 2 and a half hours. Additional trains may be added during the warm season.

In fairness, it should be said that you can get between Rimini and Venice by other trains. But for this you will have to do transplants. The most popular connecting destination is Bologna. However, this way will come even longer.

To save on train tickets, it is better to purchase them in advance - online, because immediately before departure, the price reaches a peak and buying at the station turns out not only longer - because of the queues - but also much more expensive.

Train station in rimini

You can find out the current train schedule from Rimini to Venice and purchase tickets online on the Omio website of the former GoEuro. Its main advantage is that, along with the schedule of the largest railway operator, it also shows smaller ones. On such trains, tickets are usually cheaper.

In addition, buying tickets through Omio can also save you money. There is a little trick for this, which few people know about. If you pass a short registration in the service using this special link, you can get a discount of 10 Euros on your first purchase worth more than 40 Euros.

At the same time, if your tickets do not reach 40, you can easily take both ways at once or for your companion. In more detail about how this works, BlogoItaliano wrote in great detail here.

Fast train Rimini-Bologna-Venice

To purchase tickets you will need a bank card and a valid email address where the ticket will come. Tickets arrive within a few minutes after payment in the form of a PDF file. They can only be printed and taken with them to the station.

When buying a ticket, please note that if your main goal in Venice is sightseeing, then the station should be indicated as the destinationVenezia santa lucia. There is another station on the mainland - Venice Mestre, but it is less convenient. Because Venice Santa Lucia is located directly in the city, and Mestre is on the sidelines.

Also remember that on the Italian railway, a passenger must compost a ticket before boarding a train if it does not indicate the departure time and place in the carriage. Tickets for fast trains are already issued with the place and time, and thereforethey do not need to be composted.

Check schedule and availability of tickets ›››

Rimini Venice Bus

Another way to get from Rimini to Venice and back is to use the bus. Several direct flights between cities are carried out daily, moreover, on weekends, the traffic intensity usually increases.

On the road from Rimini to Venice you can stop at Ravenna

The road from Rimini to Venice by bus takes about four hours one way. As with trains, buses from Rimini can go to various stops in Venice: at the airport, in Mestre and at the Tronchetto bus station.

The most convenient for tourists is the latter, since it is already in the city itself. But in the case of buses, you can also get to Mestre - from the train station of the city, several trains per hour leave for Venice: tickets for them can be purchased on site and they cost less than two euros.

Check the current bus schedule and book tickets on this page.

Rent a Car

Car rental in Italy is very popular, and the main reasons are low prices and an abundance of attractions. Taking a car, you can not only make a voyage to Venice, but also make a landing on the road to Ravenna or Bologna, and simply "circle" around the surroundings of Rimini - there is something to see.

If we talk about a trip to Venice, you need to consider that there are no roads in the city itself. The car will have to be left in the parking lot near Piazzale Roma (in Venice) or in Mestre, the satellite city of Venice, when reaching the city by municipal transport.

In Venice, the car will have to be parked in Piazzale Roma

The route also has its own nuances. Two main routes from Rimini to Venice by car - through Ravenna or through Bologna.

Way through Ravenna in short: here the distance from Rimini to Venice is 214 km. In addition, there is less section of the toll road, and therefore the trip will be cheaper. According to Viamichelin estimates, the road will take about 4 hours and cost an average of about 23 Euros (2019) - taking into account fuel and paid sections of motorways, but excluding rental costs.

The path through Bologna is longer (268 km), but it runs along the best road, and therefore you can move faster and come to Venice earlier - here the road will take about 3 hours. However, due to the greater mileage and the longer section of the toll motorway, the price of the trip will also be higher - about 26 Euro (2019).

As for the car itself, it makes sense to use Rentalcars, a popular European service for comparing car rental prices, to select it. The system online monitors changes in conditions in more than 6,000 car rental locations around the world and in a few clicks allows you to choose the most profitable option.

Just keep in mind that the longer you arrange a car, the cheaper it will cost directly every day of the rental. For example, for a rental of 10 days in June 2017, I managed to pick up cars through Rentalcars at a price of only 146 Euros (less than 15 Euros per day). You can try the service in action and make calculations for your trip here.

In Venice

Of course, it is better to set aside 2-3 days for Venice. Despite its relatively compact size, there are so many interesting places that unprepared travelers leave the city, barely seeing half. The sea specificity of the city is imposed, the “Italian” mode of operation of the sights, the high cost known throughout Europe.

That is why for those travelers who have little time, I want to cover everything and the budget is “not rubber”, BlogoItaliano created a series of one-day routes to the main cities of Italy.

Each of which is a step-by-step plan for visiting the city. With a map, the mode of operation of the main places, features of attractions, life hacks and tips on how to save. In a city where only a one-day pass costs 20 Euros, this will be very handy. Moreover, an application with an extremely rich audio tour was also selected for Venice.

Also, if you decide to spend the night in Venice, you will be very welcome selection of these hotels in the heart of the city - in the area of ​​St. Mark's Square.

Well, for those who are used to preparing on their own, below are the most useful links for organizing a trip:

  • The best Venice hotels in the center with photos and guest reviews
  • Places of interest in Venice where you can buy tickets online
  • Excursions in Venice in Russian: what is popular with tourists
  • Russian guide in Venice: a great expert and a nice girl

Watch the video: Car Italy & Tours at the New York Times Travel Show (February 2020).


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