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Como is a lake-mountain tale. Part II Come, swim, take off

Many tourists prefer to run into Como for a day, admire the lake, check the list of visited Italian cities, and rush on. But what if you want to spend your whole vacation near the beautiful Lake Como? This is actually not so difficult. Como has been considered a popular resort for many decades, but because there is everything to interestingly spend your vacation. At least most of it.

From a century of history to shopping - just a couple of meters

The city center is surrounded by a stone fortified wall (the so-called città murata), built to defend against attacks by Milanese in the 12th century: for 10 years, Como and Milan fought a war for supremacy in the Lombardy region. Old cozy cool streets are filled with all kinds of boutiques of fashion brands, shops, shops and restaurants - inexperienced shoppers can not get around in a couple of days. The traditional sales seasons are February and July, when store windows are full of the long-awaited "SALDI".

Having satiated with shops and having calmed a stomach in the Italian restaurante, it is a high time to turn to spiritual food.

Plaza and churches of Como

Como Square is the life of the city and its most ancient history.

Area No. 1 in Como for the author of these lines is Piazza Alessandro Voltanamed after the most famous native of the city. Cozy and unusual, it seems to consist of two parts: a spacious stone central part and a small green gallery on the left hand of the scientist.

Piazza San Fedele - once the central and main market square

Piazza San Fedele - once the central and main market square of the city. The Basilica of San Fedele located on it is one of the two oldest not only in Como, but throughout the region. The basilica was built on the site of the early Christian church of St. Euphemia in the XI-XII centuries.

The Basilica of San Fedele (Italian: San Fedele) and the Church of San Abbondio (Italian: Sant 'Abbondio) are the city’s two oldest churches and two masterpieces of Romanesque medieval architecture of Lombardy, both beautiful in their gloomy severity and rigor.

Piazza Duomo - Cathedral Square, over which rises the main city cathedral. The grand building of the Cathedral was built over the 4th century and today is an amazing combination of late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style. Inside, the Cathedral is decorated with bright stained glass windows and ancient tapestries worthy of the Vatican museums.

Museums in Como

The history of the city is told by the Como City Museum complex (it. Musei Civici), which includes the Archaeological Museum, the Garibaldi Historical Museum (it. Museo Garibaldi), the Como Art Gallery (it. Pinacoteca) and A. Volta Temple (it. Tempio Voltiano) . And also the Silk Museum in Como (Italian: Muse Didattico della Setta), which tells the story of the urban silk industry, which once revived and glorified Como.

Small massive neoclassical Temple of Alessandro Volta - a famous scientist and inventor - located at the end of the city park almost at the very water. The museum contains interesting finds and inventions related to the life and work of the scientist.

Basilica of San Fedele - a masterpiece of Romanesque medieval architecture

A visit to each of the museums will cost an average of 3 to 10 euros.

Como Urban Area: Traveling on the Lake

On Lake Como in Italy navigation is well developed: there is a steamer of the early 20th century, modern motor boats and boats, water passenger trams and pleasure catamarans. From Como, by water you can reach any corner of the lake, visit numerous villas and a few beaches. However, I hasten to warn beach lovers: in northern Italy, surrounded by mountains, even in summer the water is cooler than in the south.

Villas Como

Many villas in Lake Como are open to tourists, and some are still inhabited. Although the owners give guests a chance to enjoy the unique gardens and parks, the villas only accept tourists a few months a year.

Many villas in Lake Como are open to tourists.

Before traveling to a place of interest to you, check the seasonal availability on its website. Learn more about each, their treasures, relationships with literature, music and movies here.

"Oh Island, you will be damned for centuries ..."

“Not a single bell will ring here henceforth, not a single building will be laid, no one will ever find shelter here, and a monstrous death will overtake the disobeyed” ...

So the local bishop cursed the only island on the lake for supporting Milan during that same ten-year war, which was already mentioned above.

Komachina Island (it. Comacina) - one of the most mysterious places of Lake Como. With a length of not more than 600 meters, it remains uninhabited to this day, but today, with its wildlife, ancient remains and the fiery ritual of exorcizing the curse, it attracts many tourists. Its founder was the first owner of the restaurant existing to this day, and it is made there with every ringing of church bells.

Read more about the island here.

The length of the island of Comachina is not more than 600 meters

A visit to the island of Comachin is paid, costs 6 euros, including a visit to the Antiquary - a historical museum located on the opposite side of the island.

Small Lake Peony: "Ozerko"

Is on Lake Como a small bay or bay called the Little Lake of Piona (Italian: Laghetto di Piona). A grassy beach stretches along the entire coast of the bay with convenient access to water and a good bottom. If you decide to diversify your vacation and visit this paradise, you will have to be patient in advance, because the bay is located in the very north of the lake, where the water bus from Como takes about an hour and a half (ticket price is about 13.0 euros). But rest assured, this is the shortest and fastest way!

On a small peninsula is the ancient abbey of Peonies with a complex of preserved original buildings (11th century). It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the opposite shore of Lake Como and the Alps.

Continuation: Lake Como in Italy: outdoor activities for adventure lovers

Posted by Olga Logvina, Photos by: Gloria Chang, greenmarlin, sandy kemsley, Luca Zappa, Night Flier.

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