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Padova: what to see and where to stay

Padua is a fairly well-known tourist city of northern Italy, located about forty kilometers from Venice, in the Veneto region. Despite the fact that the city is quite provincial, the sights of Padua attract millions of tourists from all over the world. Padua is very attractive to fans of art: in the Renaissance, it was one of the largest centers of art in Italy - Titian, Mantegna, Donatello, Giotto lived and worked here.

The founder of the city is Antinor - the hero of the Trojan War. In the Middle Ages, even his tomb was found, but later scientists stopped that this burial was much later and the remains could not belong to Antinor.

Basilica of San Antonio - the main attraction of Padua

Cathedral of St. Anthony of Padua - the most popular Padua landmark, annually it is visited by more than 4 million people. The basilica, located on Santo Square, is a whole complex consisting of a main church and numerous chapel annexes built at different times, as well as a monastery.

St. Anthony's Cathedral - Padua's most popular attraction

Once upon a time there was an ancient monastery of Santa Maria Mater Domini, in which St. Anthony lived - a revered Christian preacher and patron of the city. In 1232, a year after the death of Anthony, the construction of the cathedral began, which lasted almost 80 years.

The architectural appearance of the cathedral has changed more than once: it was completed and rebuilt several times, which is why several styles are visible in the buildings at once - from Gothic and Romanesque to later Baroque.

The relics of the Saint are stored in the basilica, and in one of the premises a museum of gifts to Anthony is organized. The main decoration of the Cathedral of San Antonio - a statue of Donatello, the famous Italian sculptor who lived in Padua for 10 years.

Cheap hotels in Padua near the Basilica of San Antonio

In the historical center, near the Basilica of St. Anthony, there are many cozy and comfortable hotels, including quite budget ones.

In the immediate vicinity of the cathedral is Al Santo - an excellent three-star hotel, from which it is within easy reach of both the main city attractions and the train station. It offers - a variety of rooms with all necessary amenities: bathrooms, air conditioning, free internet. Of course, 3 stars is not a luxury, but cheap, clean and in the heart of the city.

Prato della Valle with a canal and statues of outstanding Padua

The 4-star Hotel Donatello is located opposite the San Antonio Basilica and offers rooms with cathedral views at any time. Within walking distance are the old university, the botanical garden, the Scrovegni Chapel, as well as the historic Pedrocchi Café - no less famous Padua landmark.

Hotel M14 is five hundred meters from the Basilica of San Antonio

About five hundred meters from the basilica is the stylish and elegant Hotel M14. The cozy rooms of this three-star hotel in padua decorated in warm beige colors and equipped with everything you need - comfortable furniture, TVs, air conditioning. The hotel has a bar with a good selection of drinks, and within a radius of 250 meters from the hotel there are several excellent restaurants where M14 guests enjoy pleasant discounts.

More hotels in Padua with photos and guest reviews can be found on the link below.

However, you can settle in Padua not only at the hotel. In 2018, BlogoItaliano made a useful video about where you can live in the vicinity of Venice. Of course, we could not ignore Padua.

Other attractions

The historic center of Padua is formed by three squares - Della Frutta, Della Erbe and Day Senori, surrounding the famous Padua landmark - Palazzo della Rajone - Palace of the Mind, famous for the largest hall in Europe, built without columns and pillars.

The walls of the palace were decorated with Giotto's frescoes lost during a fire in the 15th century, after which the excellent masters Stefano de Ferrara and Nicolo Miretti took up the painting of walls and vaults - the artists divided the space into 12 zones by the number of months in a year.

The Palazzo della Rajone is famous for one of the largest halls in Europe.

Near the Palace of the Mind is the famous University of Padua - The oldest educational institution in Europe. Students, in their own way, call the University "Bo" (bull), since initially in this ancient building there was a slaughterhouse, from which the university got the emblem - the skull of a bull.

Galileo Galilei once taught at the University of Padua. There is still a wooden department where the scientist lectured to students. The university is also famous for the fact that the first female student in Italy studied there, and the first anatomical theater in Europe was also formed.

In the squares of Padua in the evening do not push

By the forces of the medical faculty of the university in 1545 in Padua a botanical garden was created - one of the first not only in Europe but also in the world. Initially, the garden specialized in the cultivation of medicinal plants, today it houses magnificent collections of insectivorous plants, as well as orchids and magnolias. The Padua Botanical Garden is on the list of UNESCO protected sites.

No less famous landmark of Padua - Scrovegni Chapel, it is her who can see the best frescoes by Giotto, created in a completely new manner for that time: the biblical characters in his paintings have found liveliness and humanity.

There are many nooks in Padua where it is pleasant for a traveler to walk

At the Risorgimento Museum you can see unique historical exhibits, as well as visit the video library, which shows the chronicles of the first half of the 20th century. In the same building is the famous historical cafe Pedrocchi, famous for the fact that since 1831 its doors have never been closed for visitors.

Of interest to tourists and the Zuckerman Palace, which houses the Museum of Applied Arts, and the oratorio of San Giorgio, and the grand Cathedral.

During the Renaissance, Padua was one of the largest centers of science and art in Italy.

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Watch the video: Padua, Italy, travel in the Old Town (February 2020).


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