Lake Garda

If you want to combine incompatible things at first glance: a beach vacation with no exhausting heat; living in one place, but with an active tourist life, including a visit to the famous and not very sights of Italy; natural beauty with comfort and access to the benefits of civilization, then you are definitely here on Lake Garda.

Some facts

Of extraordinary beauty, Lake Garda is located in the north of the country in the foothills of the Alps. It is the largest and one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. It stretches from north to south for almost 52 kilometers. In the northern part, the lake is very narrow, even a bit like the Norwegian fjords.

The lake has a glacial-tectonic origin. In some places, its depth exceeds 300 meters. Its northern part is especially picturesque, where the width of the lake is minimal and high mountains descend directly to the water, reaching 2 kilometers in height.

The mountains cover the lake from the cold northern winds, so a unique and very comfortable microclimate is created on its coast.

Holidays on Lake Garda are considered to be elite, it is not cheap, but worth it. It was not for nothing that Kafka and Goethe liked to relax here, and of our famous contemporaries on the Garda, there are Brad Peet and Ricky Martin villas.

To whom rest on Garda is suitable?

Families with children

With children it is better to settle in the southern part of the lake. There is a more even relief, almost no mountains, but more beaches and a gentle entrance to the lake.

In addition, it is here that the most interesting places for children are located: near the town of Castelnuovo del Garda there is a "sweet couple" Gardaland amusement park and the Sea Life aquarium, and just north of the lake near the village of Lazise is another couple - the water park "Canevaworld" and Amusement park "Movieland Studios".

Lovers of attractions

Lake Garda is a great starting point for exploring Venice and Verona. If you want to get to Verona quickly, inexpensively and without problems, it is better to use a local train that stops in two towns located in the south of Lake Garda: Pieschiere (15 minutes to Verona) and Desenzano (20 minutes). Trains run at intervals of approximately 30 minutes. We look at the timetable and fare on the official website of Italy's railway lines.

routet from = "Desenzano del Garda, Italy" to = "Venice, Italy"

Bus service also exists. Two bus routes 162 and 163 regularly run along the east and south coast of Garda to Verona. But it should be borne in mind that it will be about one and a half times more expensive in cost and several times longer in time. In addition, traffic jams are very likely in some sections of the road. All information about the schedule, route, fare here.

Seeking silence and solitude

People avoiding crowded places and wanting to spend time in the lap of the most beautiful nature will most likely approach the middle part of the lake, and it is better to look for a hotel not in the village, but in between, right on the lake.

A sufficient number of such hotels are presented at the Bookings. This is exactly what we did and booked for our stay the wonderful aparthotel Residence Lido Hotel two kilometers from the old atmospheric town of Malcesine.

Isn’t it a miracle when the view of the lake opens from the window of the room?

Lovers of outdoor activities

Those who prefer outdoor activities, it is better to pay attention to the north of the lake. For example, Riva del Garda is an ideal place for lovers of windsurfing and sailing. There is always a wind, rental offices are equipped, and schools and instructors work for beginners.

What to do on the lake?


Along the lake there are many small pebble beaches.

It is very comfortable to be on them, because even when the air temperature reaches 30 degrees, a cool fresh breeze from the mountains blows and the heat is easily tolerated. Sometimes a sunbathing area is equipped directly on small piers above the lake. And sometimes a green lawn under the olives is used as a beach.

The water in the lake is clean, absolutely clear and invigorating. In summer, the water temperature is 20 - 22 degrees.


In addition to "seal" rest, active sports can be practiced on the lake. The mountains overhanging the lake are a great place for hang gliding enthusiasts.

Even if you have never practiced this sport, you can jump together with an instructor, there would be a desire.

Garda is simply a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Fans of sailing and windsurfing are waiting in the northern part of the island.

There are all conditions: constant wind, beautiful views, equipment rental, experienced instructors and a variety of programs.

You can also rent a boat and ride on the mirror surface of the lake.

Regular ferries and pleasure boats run along the coast.

Current information on the schedule and cost of a boat trip can be found here.

Hiking and hiking

In the middle of the lake near the village of Malcesine there is a lift to the highest local peak Monte Baldo. Upstairs there are many hiking trails of varying lengths and complexity.

And you can take a walk along the lake. Between the coastal settlements, cozy embankments with flower beds and benches are almost everywhere equipped.

In the evening they are lit. Well, where there are no embankments, there is simply a convenient path along the coast.

Discover authentic towns

It is wonderful to visit interesting and original ancient cities located along the lake. They are full of charm and charm.

For example, the completely unique and atmospheric Malcesine. The small town that has been preserved from the Middle Ages is very cozy, there are flowers and small restaurants and cafes around for a few tables, and on the high promontory protruding into the sea is the ancient Scaliger castle with interesting museums inside.

In the northernmost part of the lake is the city of Riva del Garda.

The city looks very picturesque, because right behind the houses you can see high mountains, up to 2 kilometers high. In Riva del Garda, there is a wonderful long promenade, drowning in flowers and allowing you to admire the magnificent views of the lake, as well as the park.

Holidays on Lake Garda cannot fail to please. Indeed, besides the surrounding beauties, the purest mountain air and tonic lake water, you can find here exactly what is interesting to you. The choice of activities and entertainment is huge.

How do I save on hotels?

Everything is very simple - look not only at the booking. I prefer the search engine RoomGuru. He is looking for discounts at the same time on Booking and on 70 other booking sites.

Watch the video: Exploring Lake Garda (February 2020).


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