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Manfrotto is a world-famous brand of Italian origin, which specializes in the production of photo and video equipment, accessories and devices necessary for it. Currently, the company is developing successfully, improving its technology and innovation. Its products are presented not only in Italy, but also in a number of European countries, including Russia, as well as in the USA.

Brand History

The heart of Manfrotto is its founder, Lino Manfrotto. Before connecting his life with entrepreneurship, he was a professional photographer-reporter, quite successful and in demand in the mid-1950s. Spending a lot of time on studio and full-scale shooting, he strove to make his own craft as easy as possible - he came up with various devices and inventions that could help in the process of creating photographs.

Photographic equipment and professional equipment of that time was unusually bulky and heavy; it was inconvenient to use in everyday life. In addition, it was not possible to find auxiliary tools such as racks or tripods in the Italian market.


At the end of the 60s of the last century, Manfrotto, in close cooperation with his long-time friend, decided to produce convenient-to-use photographic equipment. So, his own lamp stand appeared, which was distinguished by a record low weight, but at the same time sufficient height.

Initially, the Italian created photographic equipment exclusively for his fellow photographers, working in a small and cramped garage. However, gradually rumors about him began to go beyond Italy, and soon he received a large order from a well-known Swiss company. Thus, the garage gradually expanded to the scale of a real workshop, and the number of manufactured goods increased significantly. It is noteworthy what exactly as part of his first major official order, Manfrotto developed such indispensable devices today as telescopic rods.


The key role in creating the Manfrotto brand was played by the talented Italian engineer Gilberto Battochchino, whom Lino met in 1972.

It was in a new acquaintance that Manfrotto saw the future construction engineer of his developing company. With the advent of Battochchino "Manfrotto" was able to significantly expand the range, as well as improve production technology.

So, already in 1974, with the fruitful partnership of Battochchino and Manfrotto, the first exclusive tripod in the history of the brand was released. It was this invention that enabled the company not only to enter the international market, but also to occupy one of the leading positions on it.


The company has actively grown and flourished. By 1986, it already had up to 6 production factories and sites scattered throughout Bassano (Bassano del Grappa). A year later, in 1987, the production of products intended for film and photo production began. They differed not only in ease of use, but also in high quality and durability. The products were perfect for working in extreme weather conditions during field surveys.

By the end of the 1980s, Manfrotto had distribution centers in more than 140 countries.

In 1989, the transfer of a controlling stake in Lino Manfrotto to the transnational corporation British Vitec Group plc took place.


The period of the 90s of the last century was marked for the company as a series of large purchases and acquisitions. So, in 1992, under the leadership of Manfrotto, a rather well-known French-made company, Gitzo, passed. The following year, the brand absorbed an American factory specializing in the production of photographic materials, Bogen.


In the new millennium, the company continued to open its distribution offices around the world, and in 2004 one of them appeared in Germany. He was introduced as a company by "Bogen Imaging GmbH".

In 2005, the Israeli brand Kata, known in the camcorder industry, was acquired. Also, during this period, the company produces its own line of bags for professional equipment.

In 2011, Manfrotto received a controlling stake in Lastolite.

Manfrotto today

Since the 2010s, a small re-qualification of the company began. This is primarily due to the fact that at present there are a lot of photo and video enthusiasts who prefer to create their masterpieces using mobile gadgets and smartphones. Predicting this trend, the brand management decided to launch the production of a series of tripods, racks and special devices specifically for phones and tablets.

However, Manfrotto does not forget about the continuous improvement of its main products - professional photo and video equipment and accessories, specialized equipment.

Also, A series of workwear for photographers was launched, which was developed using unique technologies. When creating it, all the difficulties and problems that may arise when creating photos in extreme conditions were taken into account. It is noteworthy that all models are presented in both male and female versions.

Currently, Manfrotto specializes in the production of the following products:

  • Photographic equipment, video equipment (tripods, heads, monopods, mounts and hanging racks);
  • Lighting fixtures;
  • Special bags;
  • Clothing.

Where can one buy

Currently, original products from Manfrotto in Russia can be purchased at chain stores such as M.Video, Eldorado, Svyaznoy, and several others.

Also, brand products can be ordered in the online store or

  • Official site:;

Watch the video: Aaron J. Attard - Manfrotto Offroad Tripod - Unbox & Review (February 2020).


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