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5 most interesting excursions in Florence

About a year and a half ago, after another visit to Florence, BlogoItaliano spoke about his acquaintance with the guide to Tuscany, Natalia. Then, inspired by the tour, I promised the guide that BlogoItaliano would introduce her the most interesting excursions in Florence in Russian as a separate article. The route descriptions sent by Natalya have long been waiting in the wings, but between trips everyone still couldn’t get their hands on their publication. But finally, it happened.

Sightseeing tour of Florence
A leisurely stroll through the center of Florence will help you to enjoy the contemplation of its main attractions. During the sightseeing tour you will learn many interesting facts, riddles and secrets of this wonderful city.
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Excursion to the Uffizi Gallery
As part of this tour, you will learn about the most famous masterpieces stored under the arches of the Gallery, and you will be able to pay attention to the most interesting details of famous paintings "textured" in textbooks, getting closer to unraveling the secrets of the Renaissance geniuses.
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Excursion from Florence to Siena
This tour is suitable for lovers of medieval romance, because together with the guide you will go to one of the most interesting, rich and mysterious cities of medieval Europe, where time seemed to freeze 700 years ago. A city of rich traditions and the world famous Palio - equestrian competition, which attracts the attention of all Italy to Siena for several days a year.
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Excursion to Pisa from Florence
Pisa is known worldwide for its amazing “Leaning Tower”. But the city is famous not only for this. Already in the XI century, along with Venice, Genoa and Amalfi, Pisa was one of the leading maritime powers of the Mediterranean. The wealth that the city reached in the Middle Ages is still felt on its streets.
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Excursion to Pisa and Lucca: two cities in 1 day
Visiting Pisa and Lucca in 1 day will be possible not only for guests of Florence, but also cruise lovers who have made a stop in Livorno or La Spezia, as well as guests of the Montecantini Terme resort. In just 1 day you will make a real time travel: from the Renaissance and Baroque of Florence to the Early Renaissance and Gothic in Pisa, and then to the top of Romanesque architecture in Lucca.
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Florence: Private City Tour

Duration of the tour - 3-3.5 hours

A sightseeing tour of the historic center will fully help you to feel the very “unique atmosphere of Florence”, which the guidebooks promise in vain and which so often “eludes” tourists.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

The program of a sightseeing tour in Florence in Russian includes visits to all the most significant sights of the city: Signoria Square with the Palazzo Vecchio, David by Michelangelo and Loggia Lanzi, Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza del Duomo with the Baptistery and the bell tower of Giotto, the basilica Santa Croce and San Lorenzo with the Medici Chapel, Golden Bridge.

You will find a detailed story about the historical past of Florence, its famous inhabitants and rulers, world famous masterpieces and geniuses of the Renaissance. If you wish, you can "extend the charm" from exploring the city by ordering a tour of the Uffizi Gallery, which will take another 2.5-3 hours.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence was built in 1345

Tour of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Tour duration - 2.5-3 hours

If the streets and squares of the center of Florence are an “open-air museum”, the Uffizi Gallery is a collection of the greatest works of art with all the hallmarks of a world-famous classical museum: a historical building and a historical line for tickets. No wonder the Gallery is considered the most visited museum in Italy.

On this tour, you will learn about the most famous masterpieces stored under the arches of the Gallery, and you will be able to pay attention to the most interesting details of famous paintings "textured" in textbooks, getting closer to unraveling the secrets of the Renaissance geniuses.

Uffizi Gallery in Florence

During the walk you can fully appreciate the diversity of the Florentine school of painting and other styles of classical fine art.

Private tour from Florence to Siena

Duration of the tour - 2-4 hours

This excursion is an individual individual excursion from Florence - one of the most interesting in all of Italy. After all, Siena is a city that has not been touched by time.

In the Middle Ages, the Siena Republic was one of the richest states in Italy and for a long time fought with Florence for primacy in the region. In the end, the city lost its independence and, as a result, "deeply lost in itself." Siena, like no other city in Italy, is committed to its own traditions.

This, in particular, explains the fact that her famous “Palio” is the only medieval site that has survived to this day, and not revived for the sake of earning money from travelers.

For a long time, Siena competed on equal terms with Florence for the primacy in the region.

But Siena is not only the tragic story of the struggle and the Palio. It is also an amazingly well-preserved medieval city, full of sights and shrines of world significance.

What is the only Piazza del Campo - an area resembling a huge shell in its shape. Or the history of 17 historical districts of the city, each of which had a separate flag, coat of arms and even its own heavenly patron. Here - in the city - is the house of St. Catherine of Siena, who since 1999 has been considered the patroness of all of Europe.

Siena is an amazing city that you can talk about no less than about Florence. You can also go here yourself to wander along its medieval streets, but the tour will allow you to look at Siena in a completely different way, revealing the facets that cannot be achieved without an experienced guide.

Excursion to Pisa from Florence

Tour duration - 2-3 hours

An excursion from Florence to Pisa may well become one of the main impressions of all of Italy. You can get here from the capital of Tuscany in just an hour, because the cities are separated by a little more than 60 km.

The main attraction of Pisa is the magnificent Miracle Square, where the same Leaning Tower is located, which annually attracts millions of tourists from all over the world to Pisa. However, the Tower is only one of the elements of the square. No less interesting are the Pisa Cathedral, the Baptistery and the famous Campo Santo cemetery.

The impression that the complex makes on tourists is difficult to convey in words, but you will bring much more emotions and knowledge from this tour.

Excursion from Florence to Pisa

Few people know that even at the dawn of the Middle Ages Pisa was famous as one of the leading sea powers in the world. Crusades and extensive trade relations have turned it into one of the main scientific, financial and cultural centers of Italy. You will learn the amazing history of the city and the impact it had on the Renaissance.

As part of this tour, in addition to the Square of Miracles and the famous Tower, you will see the house where Galileo Galilei was born, the Palazzo del Orologio with the famous Tower of Hunger, which is mentioned in the Divine Comedy, the first Botanical Garden in Europe, and other main attractions of the city.

Pisa and Lucca: two cities in one day

Duration of the tour - 1 day

Ideal option for cruise loversthose who wish to visit the beautiful cities of Tuscany during a stop in Livorno or La Spezia. You can go for a day to Lucca and Pisa from the spa resort of Montecantini Terme and, of course, from Florence. A real Tuscan mid-afternoon lunch at one of the local restaurants is guaranteed.

This excursion from Florence in Russian will allow you to make a kind of time travel in just a day. If Florence is the Renaissance and Baroque, Pisa is Gothic and the Early Renaissance, then Lucca is the tangible triumph of Romanesque architecture. Not the only, but very remarkable exception is the city walls of the 16th-17th centuries, which are about 4.2 km in diameter.

Facade of the Temple of San Frediano (XII-XIII centuries)

In Lucca, almost any facade of the house in the city center hides an old Romanesque layout: powerful walls, semicircular arches, supporting strong ceilings with flat beams: in turbulent times of the Middle Ages, protection was simply necessary.

But the Romanesque style in Italian architecture is not only unpretentious severity. It will be enough for you to look at the facades and interiors of the three main temples of Lucca - San Michele in Foro VIII-XIII centuries., San Martino XI-XIII centuries. and San Frediano XII-XIII centuries. - and you will see the opposite.

Another important attraction of the city is the oval Piazza Anfiteatro, created, as the name implies, on the site of the former Roman amphitheater. And music lovers will be interested in visiting the house-museum of Giacomo Puccini, a native of Lucca.

How to sign up for an excursion

When planning a trip to Florence, the excursion program should be prepared in advance: the "Cradle of the Renaissance" is of great interest to tourists year-round, experiencing a peak from late spring to mid-autumn. Many dates of excursions for this period are booked several months before their actual holding.

However, there are exceptions at the last moment. Moreover, Natalia regularly checks mail and always tries to respond as quickly as possible to the requests of travelers.

You can contact the guide to ask questions about the trip, to clarify the cost of excursions or to coordinate an individual program, by e-mail email protected or through the Feedback Form below - Natalya is very open to communication and will gladly show you her beloved Tuscany.

Email her now to start planning your tour of Florence! This does not oblige you to anything.

Mail to Natalia:

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