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Where to eat in Venice

One of the most popular questions asked by all our guides in each city:
Where to eat?

Italians really know a lot about food, but in order to get to the most delicious establishments, you need to know where to go. This is especially true of cities popular with tourists, and today we will tell you where you can have a tasty meal in, perhaps, the most tourist city in Italy - Venice. Why is this the most tourist city? - you ask.

Because in the season of tourists in the city more than the locals! This is the most difficult city in terms of nutrition - you can pay a lot, but eating is not at all tasty.

It’s not expensive to eat in Venice.

How much is

Venice is the most expensive city in Italy for tourists, so get ready to pay. Average prices:

  • Snacks: 10-20 euros
  • First meal: 10-20 euros
  • Main dishes: 20-40 euros
  • Average check for two:appetizer + first / second + water / glass of wine - about 100 euros

How to choose a restaurant

How to choose a delicious restaurant in Venice is a science, but we definitely recommend that you avoid places where:

  1. On the street there is a person who invites you to go to an institution (tasty places do not need such advertising);
  2. The bill already includes 10-12% of tips (in Italy it is not customary to leave a tip, this means that the place is designed for tourists);
  3. As a rule, in Venice or a beautiful view, or delicious food, we are for delicious food!

In Venice, we don’t have the usual address system, so we won’t write the address here, in order to find the place, enter the name in Google Maps (in Venice the navigation application works better), see where the place is, it is also indicated phone number, book a table, and it remains only to find the place you need.

Osteria Antico Giardinetto

It is very tasty food, but there is no entourage - a family restaurant, only 2.5 people work here. The owner himself is an Italian - a chef, he has an assistant in the kitchen, the hostess, his wife, helps in the hall - will meet and serve you at the table. An indisputable plus is his wife from Russia, so there will be no problems with the order. Say hello to Larisa from Maxim - and then, even when there are no places, they can still find a place for you, they can also treat home-made limoncello at the end of dinner 😊

  • Working hours: All days of the week except Mon, from 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. This place does not work for lunch!
  • Tip: be sure to reserve a table, you can only get through during the restaurant's opening hours, without reservation, come to 18.30, say hello to Larisa, then you will definitely find a table
  • Official site:
  • What to order: the menu is small - only 20 dishes, everything is delicious - both meat and fish. Specialty - Raw Fish Appetizer (highly recommend). Also from the appetizers - some of the most delicious sardines in Venetian style (few people do with red onions, which gives the dish a softer and more delicate taste). If you take meat - I advise you to choose tagliata with green pepper. Be sure to leave a place for dessert - tiramisu and panna cotta according to home recipes.

Taverna al remer

This place is not easy to find, easy to lose, hard to forget.

It is really hidden from tourists, although they are there. Therefore, if on the way to it you will have thoughts that you are going somewhere wrong, most likely this means that you are on the right track! There is some evidence that once there was a brothel in this place (be sure to pay attention to the plaque with the price list in the toilet), and now it is a good restaurant where they decently feed, and most importantly, an amazing Venetian atmosphere.

You can drop in for lunch here to eat an inexpensive and quite tasty meal - during the day the restaurant operates in a buffet format (you can order from the menu, but the menu is much smaller than in the evening) - you pay a fixed price of about 21 euros and get:

  1. One of 2 pastes to choose from;
  2. Unlimited access to the buffet with various dishes and snacks;
  3. Water / wine is also included in the price (in limited quantities)

Between dinner and lunch, there is such an event as an aperitif - everyone comes in, takes some kind of cocktail (for example, Spritz Aperol / Campari / Select) and gets access to unpretentious snacks, pasta and risotto. Depending on the drink, it costs 5-9 euros. When the weather is nice, everyone takes a drink, snacks and gets on the pier, which goes directly to the Grand Canal to count gondoliers floating by. For dinner, this establishment turns into a restaurant with a menu with a very romantic atmosphere and live music.

  • Working hours: all days of the week without days off (in season).
    Lunch - from 12.00 to 15.00 - the institution operates in the buffet format - a fixed price of about 21 euros
    Aperitif - 17.00 - 19.00
    Dinner - 19.30 to 22.30
  • Tip: for dinner - be sure to book, and look here at least for an aperitif.
  • Official site:
  • Phone for reservation: + 39 041 522 8789
  • What to order: unusual dish - fish soup (sooo big seafood soup, bring a small pot), pasta, seafood. In my opinion, fish is tastier, but also not bad. If you are ready to experiment, try cuttlefish in Venetian style.

Ristoteca oniga

A nice and tasty establishment in the non-tourist area of ​​Dorsoduro.

In my opinion, here You can eat seafood (tasty mussels in different versions), pasta, salads. Personally, I go here, including for the sake of one snack - burrata with pesto sauce (I don’t like this sauce at all, but here it’s delicious). There are various variations of tasting menus with local dishes.

I recommend a delicious wine - Soave Classico (the simplest) Gini winery. Be sure to leave room for the chocolate pistachio cake.

  • Working hours: all days of the week without days off (in season), in February weekends on Tuesdays
    Lunch - from 12.00 to 15.00
    Dinner - 19.30 to 22.30
  • Tip: better to always book
  • Official site:
  • I recommend to visit the tour: Secrets and legends of the Dorsoduro area


If you feel hungry in the immediate vicinity of Piazza San Marco and you don’t have the strength to go anywhere, then I recommend this place, literally around the corner from the main square of the city. In terms of price / quality ratio near the main square, this place has no equal! This is a network of restaurants / pizzerias of Neapolitan cuisine, there are good prices and good food. I recommend taking simple dishes - pizza, pasta, salads (I like seafood), meat (in a pan)

  • Working hours: all days of the week without days off from 11.30 to 22.30
  • Tip: at peak times - 13.00 and 20.00, sometimes you have to wait until space is available
  • Official site:

Tre mercanti

And for dessert I want to share with you a place where you will try the most delicious tiramisu in your life! Where else if not in Venice, because according to one version of the origin of this delicacy, it was invented not far from Venice. I especially like pistachio tiramisu and tiramisu with nutella. I recommend avoiding fruit versions, as alcohol is felt stronger in them, the taste becomes not so delicate and delicate.

This is a small shop where they make Tiramisu, you can eat it on the spot, or you can take it with you. There is also a good selection of wines and some other delicacies.

  • Official site:

More delicious places are available for our tourists on my individual excursions. Venice is a city where there are not very many local residents left, so they try to protect the places where they go, because these places are not for everyone. I hope that once in our city you will understand why they do this! Come visit and write comments in the comments on how your gastronomic adventures in Venice went!

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Watch the video: Venice Italy - What to do and where to eat! (February 2020).


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