Which hotel to choose in Syracuse by the sea?

Advise a hotel in Syracuse on the seafront with its own beach? How to choose? Where to live? How much is it?

Today, we will learn how to independently choose and book a hotel in one of the most popular resort towns on the island of Sicily. Syracuse - the town is not big, you can walk around in 30 minutes, so it is logical to look for a hotel closer to the sea. You did come for this? We will choose a hotel on the waterfront, preferably with a view of the sea or on the island of Ortigiawhich is connected to Syracuse by a small bridge. Room prices depend on:

  1. The time for which you book a vacation is always more expensive at the last moment.
  2. Of the month. Season in Sicily from May to October, in July and August, the best numbers are bought for 4-6 months. For April, May, October and other winter months, there are often significant discounts.
  3. The cost of decent options by the sea starts from 150-200 euros / day for a double room, something further from the coast and below 4 stars will cost around 80-150 euros / day.

For example, we fly to Sicily all year round. Agree, in February it is very tempting to plunge into + 15 + 20, and you can enjoy Sicilian cuisine and atmosphere all year round.

Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel

The 4-star Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel is located right on the Ionian Sea on the island of Ortigia. One of the best hotels judging by the reviews of our friends and guests at Bucking. In the mornings, the hotel serves a buffet breakfast featuring Sicilian specialties, including organic marmalade. In the restaurant, of course, overlooking the sea, you can taste the seafood delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine and order gluten-free dishes. An important point for some tourists is that so far there are not many Russians staying at the hotel, but we will fix it soon.

  • Cost: from 250 to 400 euros

Des Etrangers Hotel & SPA

Des Etrangers Hotel & SPA is a 5 star hotel, a great alternative to the first option. Beautiful sea views, ideal location for a relaxing comfortable stay. The spa and wellness center includes free use of the hot tub and shower, sauna, and Turkish bath. There is a fitness center, the services of which, again, are included in the price. The hotel has 2 restaurants:Medusa Restaurant offers panoramic views of the picturesque coast of Syracuseand Roof Garden Restaurant has a great terrace for al fresco dining.

  • Cost: from 140 to 320 euros

Alla giudecca

Alla Giudecca is a very nice 3 star hotel on Ortigia Island in a restored 15th century building. Under the building are ancient Jewish ritual baths, which guests can use for free. Bicycles are also given as a bonus, which, you see, is nice.

  • Cost: from 140 euros

Hotel Mercure Siracusa

Hotel Mercure Siracusa is a 4 star hotel for those who want to plunge into the ancient atmosphere of Syracuse, but in a modern building. In principle, everything is there: a pool, a spa, a restaurant, a Greek amphitheater nearby and, most importantly, reasonable prices.

  • Cost: from 100 euros

I am sure this review turned out to be useful for planning your vacation in Sicily. Leave your feedback and tips in the comments.

Watch the video: Top Reasons to Stay with DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Syracuse (February 2020).


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